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Disconnected Challenges

This private restaurant chain was using PC-based word processing and spreadsheet applications to complete quarterly and annual reports for three entities. The financial reporting director insisted on streamlining processes and saving time with Wdesk.

Connected Results

  • Less work, less paper, less time spent creating quarterly, annual reports
  • Evolving solution, with customer feedback incorporated
  • Improved version control and visibility into revisions


Financial Reporting


So, one of the very first things, even during my interview process I said: “Oh, you use Microsoft® Office? No, we’re going to use Wdesk.”

The big win that the CFO sees in using Wdesk is the ability to do track changes and the version control we now have. There have been times before that there would be 15 different versions of a document that would just have a date and a time. Then it would be going around through emails, and nobody knew what was the latest and greatest.

Right now, we have the revision history within Wdesk that shows us everything that we’ve done now, “this is the number,” as well as a history of what that number was previously. It’s a load off of our shoulders knowing that there’s an audit trail and being able to see what number is the real number and what the change had been previously. That also helps us to identify why that number changed.

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