Benefits of Wdesk on SOX Compliance



Now that it’s linked, next year when we refresh it and start with 2017, all of that is already going to be there. The narratives are there, the risk, the control, the RCMs, the test plans, it is all there. The really huge savings is going to be in 2017. The second iteration through or the first iteration through after implementation.

Now we’re going to see a huge benefit next year and that’s going to free up our compliance managers to not do SOX work so much. They can do deep dive compliance audits. Spend more time with their process owners working on new things, new risks, and new things happening with the company instead of testing the things we already know work, and the routine things we have to do. That routine part is going to get so much easier and get that out of the way and let them focus on high risk.

Same thing for internal audit. Less amount of time they have to spend doing the testing and that frees them up to do internal audits, to do more of the kind of things they are hired to do anyway. I think 2017 is going to be a huge year that we will see a lot of savings and we will see a lot of changes at Dr Pepper that we haven’t seen before.

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