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Disconnected Challenges

This bank was looking for SOX software that would be intuitive, easy to implement, and drive efficiency.

Connected Results

  • Efficiency in risk and control matrix (RCM) management
  • Improved self-service for auditors to pull the information they need
  • Reduced potential for human error throughout the SOX process after RCM updates are made




The linking feature—if there's one change made, you can update in the RCM, and it flows throughout all the different aspects of the tool. That just reduces human error.

And then probably the certification feature from a management perspective. That's been huge for me and my team because it used to take at least a day to gather all the documents, track the certifications, the responses, and now once it's set up, it takes 15 minutes to roll forward quarter over quarter and easily track and report on those results. That's been really important.

It's really helpful that our auditors can be self-service so they can go in and pull the information that they need.

It really does try to give us the picture and the tools that we need to get our job done as efficiently as possible so that we can go on and not spend time focusing on the administrative burdens with SOX management, but really get what you need to get done quickly, efficiently, and move on to whatever else your day entails.

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