American Equity Testimonial



Steve Harms: One of my first experiences with American Equity was our annual 10-K filing process with the external printer. I'd never been to that side of it, just archaic way of doing a process of drafting a report. So right after that I remember, it must have been a sales person calling me. So they started showing their product and probably within 10 minutes, I'm in. Whenever you guys are ready to sell a product, we're in.

And that was really all it took. So many companies are doing so many things that I would've never thought of with the product. One of the tools that I miss from my past is just something to collaborate with like a SharePoint or something like that. It finally dawned on me this year, I'm like "Duh, we have the collaboration tool with Workiva. There's documents in there, workbooks, so we can use the spreadsheets and that sort of thing. Why am I emailing a spreadsheet to 10 different people when we could be all be working on the same file?"

If I was sitting next to another insurance company person, that's the first thing I'd tell him like "Man, you got to take a look at that product. It save you time, it saves you effort, it gives you comfort that you have control of the document from beginning to end, and not only that, once you get the data to populate your reports, it's there to use for a plethora of other types of projects, reports, or whatever."

So to be able to use Workiva's product and you can collaborate in real time without getting up out of your desk or going to a printer and getting a stack of papers to deliver to someone to look over. You can look over it at the same time and work on it at the same time. It's awesome.

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