American Enterprise Group, Inc. - Wdesk for MAR Testimonial



Steve Wilson: This is the end of our first full year, or a little after our first full year, on Wdesk. It’s actually been a wonderful year for us. It has been so nice to see how it works. The control owners, business process owners, our executives have reacted to how positive it is for them.

What’s affected us is the control environment, documentation around our business processes, identification of our risk, and identification of our controls that mitigate those risks. There were some frustrations around the system and what control owners and business process owners could and could not see and so forth, and just in even understanding the system. When we converted to Wdesk, a lot of that went away. I mean it was just a much clearer process. There was no more sitting down with control owners to show them how to actually certify a control. We were able to setup a risk control matrix in Wdesk that was very clear to each control owner their controls, but it also showed the risk their controls were tied to, to mitigate. That was not, that was missing in our prior system and it was missing in our previous you know manual process.

The training and customer support that I received from Wdesk was really phenomenal. The Workiva team took time to visit with us here at our company and trained myself and my internal auditor, and really walked us through Wdesk. They walked us through the whole process of the setup, then what do we do and how do we do it. Today I am very comfortable working in Wdesk and not only that but there is a resource that I can call if I need the help and they are available fairly quickly to me which is very nice.

The cloud has been wonderful for me and my team and others if they wish to do so because it is easy to work from home for instance or actually anywhere. I can take my laptop with me from home and I can travel somewhere or I can work from home. I can be at the ball field when my son is playing ball and I can do some work on, you know within the process narratives or getting the control certification ready, so that it is ready to be sent or etc. You know it is simple, it’s very easy, and I really like that feature a lot about Wdesk.

It just feels like across all of our control owners and our business process owners, and even our executives, has become a more fluid relationship a better understanding of the process, actually overall, because it is a lot easier to present documentation to them, show them where the exceptions lie, show them where the certification process is done, and so forth.

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