American Enterprise – Audit Reports Testimonial



Sara Lehan, Assistant Vice President of Financial Reporting: The audit reports were the next area we moved to, and that was something that was really a very natural fit from the NAIC statutory footnotes that I talked about before. It is the same sort of a concept. With our audited financial statements, it is essentially one big Word® document with all sorts of tables and numbers in it again, and the really great thing about Wdesk is you’re able to separate those different pieces of the report. Because, of course, I have a team of 10, everybody is working on a different piece of it—usually all at the same time. So, when we are all able to be in the tool and making updates, that is really beneficial to us. You are all working off of one version, and it is the final version—you know who’s made changes, and it makes it very easy to review as well.