American Enterprise – Annual Statement Testimonial



Sara Lehan, Assistant Vice President of Financial Reporting: So, the next thing we started using Wdesk for was our annual statement footnotes. So, we’d actually heard from another company who was using Wdesk that they had incorporated their annual statement footnote process into Wdesk. We were very interested in doing that because it is one of those things where it seems really simple on the surface. I mean, effectively you have something that looks like a Word® document, but then you have all sorts of tables and things that need to go into this very specified footnote format that the NAIC basically tells you what all needs to go in there. So seems simple enough, but when you actually go to try do it, it becomes a formatting nightmare. And what happened was through using Wdesk, we were actually able to create a template with all of our tables and stuff set up in it, and now every quarter or annually—depending on which reporting cycle it is—we’re able to go in there, make some quick updates, input our data, and instead of having to reformat everything, it is effectively all there for us and it looks nice.