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American Enterprise – Board Reporting Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

American Enterprise was already producing a range of complex financial reporting requirements. But then it was required to comply with the Model Audit Rule (MAR)—a new financial reporting regulation for insurance companies with a component similar to SOX, but for smaller insurance companies. The company needed a technology platform that provided greater transparency and flexibility while improving information accuracy and providing a positive experience for management and external auditors.

Connected Results

  • A single location for managing the entire MAR process
  • Linked data for total confidence in data accuracy
  • Enthusiastic support from internal teams, C-suite, and external auditors


SOX Compliance, Financial Reporting




We found it was a lot easier to load the information into the Wdesk style of reporting rather than to use PowerPoint. It was much easier to roll a thing forward from quarter to quarter. A lot of times when we were using PowerPoint, it felt like we were almost starting from scratch each quarter. You had to reload a lot of the charts that you were pulling in—the data tables that you were pulling in—to get the information. We found that though using Wdesk, we could streamline a lot of that.

And very recently as it relates to the board reporting, we actually pushed out the app to our board of directors. So, when we initially started using it, it was really more of an internal thing because we already had a method for getting the documentation to our board of directors. But, what we found was the method that they were using was really something where they had to go out and download something each quarter to get their board materials. What’s nice about using Wdesk is that we are able to push that information out to them. So, we’ve actually found a way to not only incorporate our financial reporting board materials into this app, but to gather information from other areas that goes into the board reporting, consolidate it all together, and push everything out at once to the board of directors. And, instead of having to download something, they simply open the app, and everything is there for them.

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