Alphatec Spine - SOX Testimonial



Lauren Warrem: My name is Lauren Warrem, I work for Alphatec Spine, and I am the Manager of Technical Compliance. We also we’re pretty unique because it’s a smaller company, so we are also doing SOX compliance as well as SEC reporting. Our SOX documentation process was basically Word and Excel disjointed, so it wasn’t linked at all, so it was a very manual process where if we changed our controls for any reason, you’d have to touch every single one of those documents and it was very easy to potentially miss one.

So I got a phone call one day, had no idea about the SOX reporting, and the timing was actually perfect because it was right when I was going through another RFP process looking into SOX software. So, I had demoed two other products and happened to get a phone call and I said this is great you guys are calling at the right time, yeah let’s go ahead and set up a demo. What Workiva does for us is brings it all together into one place. It is a web-based solution.

We hire an external audit firm that does our internal control testing as well as our external auditors. We have up to 10 people in there and they can be in there simultaneously making changes, reviewing as we go through. The benefit is they can access the system at anytime, anywhere, and you can track their changes so that you can go in and just review the changes as they occur. So, where it benefits us internationally is the web-based solution—it’s available at all times so you can coordinate people working on the document around the clock, as well as going in and looking at by user name who is making changes. So, it really just keeps track of that documentation for us so we can always have that audit trail.

It made me look really good actually because they were like, “Lauren, you saved us this money”, and I’m like "No, it’s really Workiva, it’s not just me." I made a good decision in Workiva and you know I am getting all the credit for my work, but it is really Workiva that’s behind the scenes and making that happen. I really do mean that, I’m not just saying that.

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