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Affiliate Financials, Board Presentations

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  • As the accountant, Angie is in charge of helping affiliates with financial work, including any type of financial documentation necessary.
  • Before Wdesk, Angie used Microsoft® Excel and Word to write the reports. She also used an IBM® AS/400® system module to generate preliminary data.
  • The bulk of the old reporting process was taking the reports from AS/400 and manually keying that data into Excel. If anything in Excel required further explanation, she took that information and created a narrative in Word.


How Angie uses Wdesk

  • Because of the linking feature in Wdesk, there's no need for Angie to manually key in numbers in more than one place. When she enters her financials into the workbook, the data automatically populates the variance amounts in the narrative.
  • The same goes for the various charts and graphs within the narratives and workbooks—all Angie has to do is enter the information in one place, and she's set.
  • Whenever Angie has any questions, minor or major, she gets in touch with her designated Workiva Customer Success Manager (CSM) to work through it.
  • If she wants to explore some new feature in Wdesk, her CSM is available to walk her through that process as well.


  • Since switching to Wdesk in 2013, Angie has seen efficiency increase a great deal. She estimated time savings of an hour per site, per month.
  • The linking feature in Wdesk provides peace of mind—knowing all data in each report is consistent and accurate is invaluable.
  • Angie also mentioned she's happy with the service her CSM provides. She said her CSM is easy to contact, and if her CSM is unavailable, she's directed to someone else who can help immediately.


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