Advance Auto Parts Testimonial


Tim Dorren: The thing that made us choose Workiva was just the ability to install it without having to get IT involved.

They're always soliciting your input on how to make the tool better, on what your pain points are, how you’re using the tool, because I really feel like Workiva’s partnered with us along the way. Our sales rep and our customer service managers, down to some of the application developers and the designers have been calling and saying “Hey, how is this working for you? We’d like to get your input. What can we do to help you be successful?”

The fact that it’s just so intuitive to use is really a huge benefit too. If there was a huge change management process, it wouldn’t have been as effective for us. The fact that a great CSM, and just the whole company listens, all works together to solve your problems and help you be successful, that made it a no-brainer. The fact that I can go and have breakfast at Starbucks and work on reviewing narratives is a nice benefit, or if one of the kids is sick or something I can work from home and you don’t have to make sure I download everything to my computer from the network, or not have to worry about VPNing into our network or whatever, it just makes it a lot more seamless.

It definitely has facilitated being able to share the documents back and forth, being able to review them, and knowing that we have one version of the truth—we know which is the latest version. The company has this desire for their partners to actually partner together and share ideas and to form this community.

That’s really exciting and the company really tries to facilitate that. I think that’s exciting because we’re always learning new ways to use the tool or just new tricks, from these other companies that we just wouldn’t have had the contact with otherwise.

If you’re not using Wdesk, I would question why you’re not using it. I would highly recommend it. If I was sitting down and dreaming up a tool to do the SEC reporting with or the SOX reporting, or any other collaborative type work, this would be it. And the reason is because they’re listening to people like me come up with those ideas, and they’re able to translate that into an actual tool that I could never have done so. That’s pretty exciting.

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