Advance Auto Parts SOX and Internal Controls Testimonial



Cindy Lachance: If I didn’t have Wdesk I wouldn’t be able to do my job, because it just adds that much efficiency to the process and I can actually use tools in Wdesk, the certification tool, to be able to follow up with the process owners to get them to certify their controls. In the SOX module be able to track changes to when they do go in and make changes to it I can actually go in and review it. SOX documentation before was done in Excel so it could have been on somebody’s hard drive, it could have been on a shared drive.

With Wdesk you don’t have that worry because it is laid out, you can go directly to where you need to go, and it is all electronic you get rid of the paper. My favorite feature is the track changes because you can see when someone makes a change and you know exactly what it is. You can follow up with the person that made the change to make sure its adequate and understand why they made that change.

It allows you to be able to send out the certifications for the SOX controls on a quarterly basis without a lot of work and follow up by having the tool automatically reminding users they have certifications to complete. They open it up and it takes two minutes to complete. They don’t have to worry about printing off a piece of paper, signing it, and you don’t have to worry about losing track of the paper because it is all maintained.

Senior management really likes the certification tool because it allows them to be able to quickly access what they need to sign off on, look at the questions, and within five minutes have it done and they don’t have to print off paper. It was very well received by senior management.

It was kind of scary to adjust to the cloud based at first because it was still relatively new and I always question the security that you actually have around a cloud. With Wdesk it is very secure. Our IT department looked into it and they were comfortable with being in a cloud and putting this pertinent financial information out there.

A new user to the Wdesk tool is the best window of opportunity at this point in time. I would just tell them that it is a blank slate. They can take this and they can mold it to what they need it to be because it’s that user friendly and they’re able to bring in their current practices and make it work with very little time involved in getting everything set up.

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