Mike Starr

Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, Workiva

Mike Starr, Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, joined the Workiva team in September 2012. Mike previously served as the SEC Chief Accountant's advisor with a focus on investors’ financial information needs and the role of structured data in meeting those needs. Prior to his work with the SEC, Mike served as Chief Operating Officer for Grant Thornton International Ltd., where he oversaw global strategy and public policy. He earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Oklahoma State University (OSU), and in 2010 was recognized as an OSU distinguished accounting alumnus and inducted into the School of Accounting Hall of Fame.

Content by Mike Starr:

Workiva supports Inline XBRL

The SEC has released new rules that allow companies to voluntarily file data in the Inline XBRL format. This milestone shows the value that the SEC places on XBRL data, data quality, and reducing the regulatory burden.

The state of the Data Quality Committee and XBRL

The Data Quality Committee (DQC) is working to make XBRL data more valuable for filers and has released its first set of XBRL validation rules. Read the blog post for information about the comment period and other work the DQC is doing.

Who’s the judge of XBRL quality?

We all agree—data quality is a very important issue. But how reliable are the assessments that are currently available to measure data quality? The Data Quality Committee is looking to improve data quality with freely available validation rules.

The perfect storm of internal controls

Deficient audits are on the rise. With the increased scrutiny of external auditors, companies need a sound strategy and process for documenting and testing internal controls.