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Support documentation has never been easier at Noodles & Company

Searching for a solution to keep SEC support documentation organized and accessible, Noodles & Company turned to Wdesk for the sophisticated reporting process it needed.

5 best practices for meeting new demands on SOX compliance and controls

The SEC and PCAOB are on a steep trajectory to increase demands on SOX compliance and controls, with personal liability becoming an increasing reality. Here are five key practices for stepping up and meeting those demands.

Preliminary guidance on XBRL extensions research

Extensions have caused much greater challenges than the SEC staff originally anticipated. Read this blog post for information about definitive guidance around XBRL extensions and the work of the Data Quality Committee.

Behind the W: Meet Lisa Benoit

Lisa Benoit went from Wdesk user to Workiva thought leader. Read on to get her thoughts on changes to the insurance industry, and why she joined us.

Frederic Bourke and conscious indifference under the FCPA

Read as Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, explains how the case against Frederic Bourke resulted in the expansion of prosecution under the FCPA and how it could affect you.

The state of the Data Quality Committee and XBRL

The Data Quality Committee (DQC) is working to make XBRL data more valuable for filers and has released its first set of XBRL validation rules. Read the blog post for information about the comment period and other work the DQC is doing.

A Practitioner's Take on ERM Strategy

ERM strategy is usually great, in theory. But, good theory is difficult to turn into actionable steps. This blog takes a practitioner's view on turning theory on lines of defense into best practices.

Is performing risk assessments putting your company at risk?

How often are you performing risk assessments? The answer should be multiple times a year. Find out 3 questions that you should ask when performing risk assessments.

PTC in China: internal controls failure

Read this guest blog by Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, to learn about the enforcement actions taken against PTC Inc. for internal controls failure.

How to detect and prevent bribery using internal controls

Recent investigations of large U.S.-based companies has brought bribery and FCPA compliance to the forefront of the fraud conversation. Find out how you can detect and prevent bribery using internal controls.