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MD&A: A picture worth a thousand words

Your MD&A should paint a picture for your investors on the future of your business. How are you illustrating this message?

3 ways to use data to make better decisions

Reporting plays a big role in decision-making—are you confident in your process? Take these three steps to make better business decisions.

Lessons learned from EU risk reporting

Learn how the European banks failed stress testing, its impact, and what that could mean for banks worldwide.

5 tips to avoid internal audit mistakes

There are 13 common mistakes that internal auditors make. You can avoid all of those mistakes and come out ahead—just remember these 5 things.

The role of IT in integrated reporting

Read the third excerpt from The Integrated Reporting Movement to learn how you can leverage IT to increase effectiveness of your reporting practices.

Losing your work in a computer crash

It's happened to all of us—you're not alone. The answer to this problem lies in cloud technology.

2014 gtnews FP&A Technology Survey: The top 5 takeaways

Check out this SlideShare for the five key takeaways from the 2014 gtnews FP&A Technology Survey.

The Modern CFO: How this role is evolving

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have evolved—reaching beyond finance. What does CFO stand for now? Read on to find out.

Nautilus lets Wdesk do the heavy lifting

The reporting team at Nautilus, Inc. switched from Wdesk to a printing service on the advice of a consultant. After just one quarter, Nautilus switched back—for good.

Which one should you adopt: ERM or GRC?

The definition of ERM and GRC has long been debated by firms. Understand the difference in the approach between the two and what this means for your firm.

Workiva is now a publicly traded company

This is a very exciting milestone for our company, but we wouldn’t be here today without the support of our more than 2,100 enterprise customers who use Wdesk every day.

7 ways to jump-start your SOX documentation planning and design

Read the top 7 ways you can get a head start on your Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) documentation and certification process before the busy design season kicks in.

What does materiality mean for you?

Materiality is a central and crucial topic to financial, sustainability, and integrated reporting. Read The Integrated Reporting Movement excerpt to learn more.

Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud

Are your company's reports and data secure? We make sure your data stays safe, which is why our customers trust Wdesk and the cloud with their complex reports.

Why sustainability should be your CFO's top priority

Explore our recent white paper for an overview of the sustainability reporting chain and to see why it's important.

Why a solid ERM framework should include sustainability

Enterprise risk management is a top priority for corporate boards. Discover the benefits of integrating sustainability into an ERM framework.

Customer feedback inspires Wdesk innovation

Two of our interaction designers, Hannah and Aaron, explain just how important customer feedback is to the product development process.

Join the integrated reporting movement

Companies can improve their reporting process and ensure viability by adopting integrated reporting. Read excerpts from The Integrated Reporting Movement.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Senior management and the board should work together like a well-oiled machine. Read our newest white paper to make this a reality for your company.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Why haven't you? Hit the ground running and start with a 10-K, and you'll thank yourself later. Read three reasons you should.