March 27, 2015

It seems like everyone is being asked to do more with less, and this is especially true for government agencies. See why it can take up to a year to complete a CAFR.

American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16
March 26, 2015

Struggling with an outdated Section 16 filing process, American Equity makes a slam dunk with Wdesk Section 16.

The brave new world of internal controls
March 25, 2015

Treasury and FP&A teams and their role in the annual audit process are in the spotlight—and rising audit failures are to blame.

Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud
March 24, 2015

Find out how we are reducing the environmental impact of our customers' IT departments—just another reason why our customers embrace Wdesk.

Revenue recognition means sweeping changes
March 20, 2015

One of the most sweeping changes to the accounting world is the new revenue recognition standard. How will you handle the changes?