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Why you should sweat the small stuff

Change can be scary enough, but when it involves something as complex as external reporting, it can feel completely overwhelming. Let our reporting solutions help ease your worries and improve your efficiency.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Heartland Express chooses Wdesk for Section 16 filings.

3 Traits Your Reporting Specialist Should Have

Let a few of our customers tell you, in their words, what it’s like to work with Wdesk and our world-class customer success team.

7 ways to jump-start your SOX documentation planning and design

J.W. Mike Starr to join the WebFilings team.

CFO blog image

The Wdesk provides benefits to the CFO that other solutions simply cannot.

Customer success image

Have you ever wondered where you stand in a business relationship? Many companies will say things like, “We LOVE our customers!” But then what do they do?

Do they...

  • Shower you with attention until you purchase their product, and then disappear?
  • Ignore you until it’s time to pay the bill?
  • Force you to leave messages instead of picking up the phone when you call?
  • Break their promises?
  • Keep making the same mistakes?

True love

A "no-brainer" for risk reporting

Vice President and Assistant Controller at FirstMerit Bank, an Ohio based holding company, Gilbert describes the transition to Wdesk as "seamless and easy." More significantly


Bob Herz gets inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame

Is my XBRL accurate?

WebFilings University's Course 4 covers the tools and techniques for doing an overall review of an XBRL filing

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

WebFilings University presents Course 3 in the series of XBRL trainings, which focuses on improving the overall quality of your filing through education on the US GAPP Taxonomy.