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9 steps to simplify  your fp&a process

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is all about providing timely budget, forecast, and financial insights to business partners to help them make strategic decisions. FP&A teams can streamline the process with these steps.

In this article, Sue King, National SOX Advisory Solutions Lead for KPMG, shows you which questions you must ask to improve the day-to-day health of your Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program.

FERC draft taxonomy

Now that FERC has committed to the XBRL format, here is your chance to submit comments on FERC's draft XBRL taxonomy. David Winn shows you how, step by step.


In case you missed the GREAT news, Congress has passed the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act, better known as the GREAT Act. Here's a look at what it means for federal grant recipients.

SEC Filing Deadlines, Holidays, and Dates to Know in 2020

Inline XBRL requirements kick in for more SEC filers starting in 2020, and there are a few other key filing deadlines and dates public companies need to know. Keep track of everything with the SEC filing calendar from Workiva.

Regulators Call Out Banks for Lack of Governance

A recent report suggests governance remains an issue for some banks, more than a decade after the economic crisis of 2007–2008. Here's what we can do about it.

25,500 Reasons Why It's Time to Revamp Your Reporting Process

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard "our SEC reporting process takes too long," I'd have a swimming pool full of them.

Dissatisfaction with the entire financial reporting process has become a common theme across companies—especially the time it takes. If you've felt the same way, take solace in the fact it's not your fault. Ultimately, the tools teams use are at the root of the issue.

I've got a hypothesis that I'd like to prove for you.

Why Trust and Transparency in Local Government Can't Wait

With trust eroding in today's climate, transparency around state and government operations never hurts. Yet how much extra effort does that require? Surprisingly little, with the right technology and standardized data.

Amplify Europe took place in London with over 150 accounting, finance, and compliance professionals from 12 countries joining the event. If you weren’t able to attend, here are seven key takeaways from the event.

Your Guide to the SEC Updates to Forms N-PORT and N-CEN

Forms N-PORT and N-CEN are still relatively new SEC requirements for some investment companies. Here is a high-level overview of each, plus ideas for streamlining the filing process.

In September, the SEC Professionals Group and SOX & Internal Controls Professionals Group hosted U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton for a fireside chat and Q&A session.

Chair Clayton spent nearly an hour on stage with Professionals Groups Founder Joe Howell, taking questions submitted by members who were gathered in Texas, many of whom were also attending Workiva Amplify.

For the first time, we are excited to bring a taste of our annual user conference to our customers in London at Amplify Europe. Register now and see what is possible when you connect reporting and compliance first hand.

iia 2020 onrisk report

According to a new IIA report, there's a dramatic communication gap between the C-suite and board of many organizations. Here's how to close that distance and improve efficiency.

iia all stars 2019 recap

The call for more leadership. The rise of agility in internal audit. Catch up on everything you might have missed at the recent IIA All Star 2019 conference in Las Vegas in this in-depth article. Read now.

Data Transparency, XBRL, and More: What to Expect at GovDATAx 2019

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), and SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson are all on the agenda at GovDATAx on Oct. 30. Here's a preview of the premier event on government data policy.

3 Ways Visionaries are Changing Government Finance Forever

Visionaries in state and local government are finding new ways to help elected leaders make data-driven decisions. See how connected data is powering real-time dashboards and financial reports that build confidence and transparency in the public sector.

How to Fight Falling Fees with Connected Investment Reporting

As fund fees shrink, investment providers are looking for ways to meet reporting requirements in a more cost-effective manner. That makes this an ideal time for compliance teams to rethink old ways of working.

FERC and XBRL: What's in It for Energy Firms

The decision by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to adopt the XBRL format as its data reporting standard comes with benefits for energy firms, regulators, and consumers.

Workiva Achieves FedRAMP Moderate in Nod to Increased Security

Big news for federal agencies interested in our connected reporting solutions: Workiva has achieved Moderate-Impact Level authorization under FedRAMP, meaning agencies can use our cloud technology to do much more.

Amplify Local: A New Era for Connectivity and Community

Interested learning more about topics covered at the annual Workiva user conference? Bring your team to one of the Amplify Local stops, and connect with other users while learning tips and tricks for the Workiva platform.

4 Lessons from the 2019 State of the SOX/Internal Controls Market Survey

The 2019 State of the SOX/Internal Controls Market Survey is out—if you haven't checked it out, read this article for the top four takeaways. Plus, get your copy of the full report inside.

The Open Source Inline XBRL Viewer from Workiva: Q&A

With the debut of an open source, free Inline XBRL viewer, Workiva is advancing the goal of providing better financial data for investors and stakeholders. See what it all means.

FERC Commits to XBRL: What's Next for Energy Firms

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is adopting the XBRL format as the standard for submitting certain required forms. While FERC begins drafting and adopting a taxonomy for tagging the information energy companies will file, here's what you need to know.

What’s New, What’s Next in Federal Financial Management

At a conference of federal financial managers, a hot topic was taking a more customer-centric approach to what agencies do every day, from presenting data in more interactive ways to providing answers at any hour.

The Intersection of GRC and Policy Management

GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen explains the importance of policy management and how teams can improve policy and procedure management in their organizations.

Workiva Customer Sets iXBRL Milestone After FAST Act

In the wake of the Securities and Exchange Commission adopting rules to implement the FAST Act, Summit Materials used the Workiva connected reporting platform to submit the first multi-document Inline XBRL filing.

Amplify: Your Workiva User Conference 2019 Recap

Connected reporting and compliance were on full display in Dallas. Check out highlights, photos, and video clips from this year's Workiva user conference.

State, Local Government Budget Teams Using Tech to Build Trust

The people in state and local government are trusted to focus on solving important challenges, not formatting bar charts or manually updating hundreds of line items.

Connected Reporting and Compliance Unleashed at Workiva Amplifyiance Unleashed at Workiva Amplify

Learn why Workiva Amplify is the best opportunity to learn about connected reporting and compliance.

How Teams Are Improving SEC Rule 15c3-5 Compliance

With a rising focus on SEC rule 51c3-5 compliance, companies are subjected to manual and tedious tasks. The right technology can help centralize required compliance documentation and ensure consistency.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Audit Committee

In this Q&A discussion with two audit committee chairs, find the answer to five questions common to risk, audit, and compliance professionals. Read this post now.

Highlights from AGA PDT for Federal Financial Reporting Teams

Federal government teams are looking to use technology in transformative ways. The potential benefits go far beyond cost savings.

3 Statutory Reporting Risks CFOs and Controllers Need to Know

CFOs and controllers of multinational companies need to trust their local entity reporting. Without the right tools and processes, local mistakes can become global concerns. See why an increase in oversight is critical.

The 6 Basics of Reporting Non-GAAP Financial Measures

Nigel Bunbury of WorkOps Consulting has an easy-to-remember acronym for presenting non-GAAP measures in your financial reporting. Learn the six letters that will help you de-risk your disclosures in this guest blog.

Take a look at this curated list of 11 can't-miss sessions, and learn more about the conference.

4 Tips for Keeping Cost of Compliance Low

How can teams reduce the stress of SOX compliance and keep the cost of compliance low? Read this blog post for four tips.

Don't miss this exclusive interview with Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy and keynote speaker at the 2019 Workiva Amplify conference in Dallas.

Connecting FP&A with the Host Analytics and Workiva Integration

Workiva allows you to bring in data directly from Planful. See how you can streamline multiple finance activities when you combine planning, consolidation, and reporting in the cloud.

4 Rapid-Fire Takeaways from the IIA International Conference

Catch up on what you might have missed at one of the top events worldwide for internal auditors.

Connecting Anaplan and Workiva to Transform FP&A

Anaplan CPX 2019 was hot, but conference Master of Ceremonies Ahmad Rashad and the rest of the presenters at the event kept things cool.

Continuous Improvement in the Financial Close Process

You don't have to settle for "better" when what you really want is "best in class." Bring a mindset of continuous improvement to the financial close reporting process.

How to Successfully Implement Change in Your Financial Close

Change can be scary. Make it more palatable for your team by developing an action plan, testing new procedures, and fine-tuning based on their feedback.

Compliance Confidence Q&A: Andrew Disabato and Katie Reiss

Two team members from Crane Co. share their experience with Workiva and how technology has helped them remain confident in the internal audit work they do.

9 Critical Skills to Enhance Your Audit Career Path

How can internal audit professionals ensure career path growth and success in the field? Master these nine skills to keep pace with automation and the changing landscape of work.

Finding Tools to Improve the Month-End Close Process

Once you have created a financial close process flowchart, you can use it to identify risks, opportunities, and the right technology for improving your process. Here is a checklist for evaluating which tools are right for your team.

Spotting Opportunities to Improve the Financial Close Process

Once you have built a flowchart of your month-end reporting process, the next step to simplifying it is to identify risks at each step. That will reveal improvement opportunities, some of which seem to come up over and over.

How to Build a Financial Close Process Flowchart

A process map or flowchart can help teams pinpoint what parts of the close process need improvement. Read how to build a process flowchart for your financial close, step by step.

3 Myths of Outsourcing XBRL Tagging

Outsourcing once seemed like the only way to handle the complex XBRL tagging process. See why companies are now bringing tagging in-house.

7 Fund Reporting Challenges and How to Fix Them

Creating prospectus and shareholder reports has long been a challenging and complex process. The good news is there are new ways to solve those challenges while reducing risk and costs along the way.

The May 2019 outage of Wolters Kluwer software affords some important lessons for accounting, risk, and compliance teams. See what one cybersecurity expert at Workiva has to say. Read this important blog now.

You're the New Chief Risk Officer of Your Agency. Now What?

Make an impact by encouraging your team to modernize systems of work and use technology to reinforce a culture of speaking up.

11 Ways to Celebrate International Internal Audit Awareness Month

May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month, and it's up to internal audit teams to spread the news. Take a look at 11 ways to make your department seen and heard around the organization.

Your Guide to the 2019 US GAAP Taxonomy

EDGAR has been upgraded to support the new US GAAP Taxonomy, which represents a variety of changes. We break down what you need to know in our latest blog:

A Quick Overview of the 2019 Pulse of Internal Audit Report

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) recently released their 2019 North American Pulse of Internal Audit report. Check out this quick summary, and learn more about what trends are expected to impact the industry in years to come.

8 Keys to Increase Your Disclosure Effectiveness

Today's forward-thinking public companies are making their disclosures more accessible, straightforward, and valuable for the investing public. Learn how.

Why Teams Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Control

Teams say one reason they choose our connected reporting and compliance solutions is the ease of use and ability to control access to their data and documents, with minimal involvement from IT.

Improve financial reporting process image

When traditional methods fail to keep up with modern-day reporting requirements, it is time to adapt. Use this six-step framework to improve your financial reporting process.

SEC Sets Expectations for Investment Firms in 2019

SEC representatives attended the ICI mutual funds and investment management conference in March. Here are a few of the highlights from their speech.

3 Highlights from the Gartner Market Guide for Audit Management

The Gartner Market Guide for Audit Management was recently released. Read this post to learn three major takeaways from the report, and find out if your audit solution is keeping pace with the marketplace. Read now.

finance transformation versus stagnation

Dive into results from the FSN Innovation in the Finance Function survey, including three benefits of financial transformation.

Why Teams Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Software Integration

Modernize your organization's reporting and compliance by connecting data from multiple sources. Workiva software integration makes it easy.

Leading the Way to the Modern CAFR

Sample comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR) created with the Workiva cloud platform show how Inline XBRL™ could make government financial data more usable and accessible.

Financial Close Benchmarks: How Does Your Process Compare?

See how your financial close reporting process compares with that of other accounting and finance professionals.

Lessons from the 2018 SEC Actions: From Theranos to Timely Disclosures

If last year is a sign of what is to come, expect regulators to continue holding individuals accountable for corporate misconduct. Protect your company by making it easier for employees to flag issues early.

Experts Weigh In On Inline XBRL in Finance Executive Podcast

What is Inline XBRLTM, and how will the new iXBRL mandate affect filers? Read takeaways from a podcast featuring SEC staff and business leaders discussing iXBRL and the future of financial reporting.

Why Our Customers Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Reliability

Business reporting teams expect their data and files to be there when they need them. See how Workiva implements multiple steps to keep our platform on all the time.

Compliance Confidence Q&A: David Gamble

See what makes David Gamble, former SOX director, confident in his work in this interview, and discover why he thinks technology is the "solid foundation" of effective compliance.

200 best companies to work for 2019

Fortune and Great Place to Work named Workiva to the 2019 "Best 100 Companies to Work For." Read the reaction from Workiva CEO Marty Vanderploeg.

Why Customers Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Efficiency

When deadlines loom, few things are more frustrating than having to wait in line to start work or complete time-consuming processes by hand. Choosing a solution that can boost efficiency is key.

How to Choose a Cloud Financial Close Solution

Looking for a financial close solution? Use these resources to help evaluate your options.

fast roi

By automating manual tasks and streamlining work, Wdata and Wdesk help teams save time and reduce risk in the reporting process.

Wdata Puts the “A” Back in FP&A

Research shows finance teams still struggle with advanced data analytics. See why Robert Kugel of Ventana recommends evaluating Wdata to all companies using Wdesk to create more time for financial planning and analysis.

financial reporting trends 2019

As we enter 2019, here are six developments for financial reporting teams to watch.

Why Customers Choose Workiva and the Cloud: Ad Hoc Reporting

When you can respond quickly to ad hoc requests, you can supply timely insights that offer a competitive edge. Reason number five customers choose Workiva and the cloud: ad hoc reporting.

Workiva 2018: Year in Review

See what our customers, employees, and partners helped us accomplish in 2018.

sec filing calendar

As you work on filing your 10-K, 10-Qs, 13Fs, and other key forms on time, be sure to keep an eye on deadlines for implementing iXBRL.

moving to the cloud part 4

Successful organizations need accounting, finance, risk, and compliance processes that can move and grow as fast as they do. Wdesk and Wdata help teams stay on top of reporting requirements and ad hoc data requests.

Wdesk Is FedRAMP Authorized: What It Means and Why It Matters

Wdesk is a FedRAMP Authorized product and has been approved to handle sensitive government information. Hear from the Workiva team who worked to achieve the FedRAMP Authorized status.

The SOX Efficiency Cycle: Minimizing Friction for Optimized Compliance

By planning ahead and taking note of key metrics throughout the year, you can make SOX compliance easier in the years to come. Find out how in this actionable blog post.

Of the top reasons customers choose Workiva and the cloud, one that often comes up is data governance. Customers tell us Wdesk has been able to help their organizations manage and use their data with more confidence.

Larry Hattix of OCC lists questions internal audit managers can ask as they build programs that add value. At the IIA Financial Services Exchange, he framed those key questions around "the four Ps and one C."

Workiva team members who attended the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration share their top takeaways from the world's largest gathering of women in technology.

Learn how cloud platforms like Wdesk are helping internal audit teams work more efficiently and influence strategic business decisions in the digital age.

These valuable tips from the 2018 State of the SOX/Internal Controls survey can help steer your team's planning in the months to come.

Among the top 10 reasons our customers choose us is security. Workiva has earned FedRAMP authorization, is compliant with AICPA’s SOC 1 and 2 audits, and has implemented safeguards to protect your data.

workiva user conference

The 2018 Workiva User Conference brought more than 1,700 accounting, finance, and compliance professionals to Nashville, Tennessee. Here are the greatest hits from the week in Music City.

How Technology Can Improve Statutory Reporting Processes

Why is statutory reporting so complex, and what can companies do to improve the process of report creation? Take a closer look with this in-depth blog post.

8 Accounting Best Practices to Implement Now

Blockchain, iXBRL, cybersecurity. Accounting teams are adapting quickly to great changes in the profession. Here's how to stay on top of the trends and prepare for the next wave.

Why Our Customers Choose Wdesk and the Cloud: Collaboration

Explore the top 10 reasons our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud. For starters, our collaboration tools for business reporting teams make it easy to access information when you need it, all on one platform.

The SEC announced that it will begin requiring Inline XBRL. What does iXBRL mean for filers? What should you be doing to prepare for the transition? Find out in this blog post.

moving to the cloud

More than 3,000 organizations have found Workiva stands apart among cloud solutions for accounting, finance, risk, and compliance reporting. Read the top 10 reasons customers choose Wdesk, Wdata, and the cloud.

Get the inside scoop on what's happening at the 2018 Workiva User Conference. Learn four ways you can make the most out of your time at the conference. Read the blog post.

Megan is a Professional Services Team Manager at Workiva. We asked her about XBRL and the time she traveled halfway around the world.

The Importance of Audit Evidence in Compliance and Reporting

See three reasons why companies often miss the mark with audit evidence.

So many industry events, so little time. To whittle down the list, we picked our top 10 conferences for accounting, finance, audit, risk, and compliance professionals to consider before the end of 2018.

Changes are on the horizon for reporting teams. The SEC is moving forward with iXBRL, and XBRL US wants to bring data standards to government reports. Read our recaps and reactions.

We sat down with the Workiva product team to learn more about the new Workiva Prep solution, how it works, and what the future holds. Hear how finance teams are transforming their FP&A with data preparation.

With the right technology, internal auditors can lead innovation. Read more top takeaways from the 2018 Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Leadership Academy and Houston annual conference.

Future of FP&A on Display at Host Analytics Perform

From a faster financial close to more robust reporting, the future of finance was on display at the Host Analytics conference. See what we learned at the event.

Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 shared insights on the current state of policy management.

Guest blogger Gary Simon shares results from a recent FSN Survey. See why CFOs are looking to innovate in the finance function—and what's standing in their way.

Make your voice heard in the Workiva User Conference Idea Lab

The Workiva User Conference is many things—a hub of education, an industry networking event, a place to mingle with thought leaders, and a way to earn 15+ CPE credits in just a few days. This year, it is even more than that.

For the past four years, the conference has also been connecting Wdesk users with Workiva developers to make their visions for the future of Wdesk a reality.

These dreams come to life in the Idea Lab and are guided by one single mantra: our users are the best people to know what we should be building.

internal control and documentation

A recent SEC finding yields some important reminders for internal control and audit professionals.

Your Guide to the 2018 US GAAP Taxonomy Update

The SEC released the 2018 US GAAP Taxonomy. Take a closer look at the disclosure changes that are most likely to impact filers.

Why Statutory Reporting Is Ready for Digital Transformation

Statutory reporting is a complex process, requiring the disclosure of both financial and nonfinancial data to meet ever-evolving regulations. Read how compliance teams can streamline their statutory reporting.

4 Key Findings from the Internal Control Management by Design Workshop

Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 shared insights on the current state of internal controls.

What You Need to Know About the ESMA Mandate & ESEF Reporting

Take a closer look at the new digital transformation regulations from ESMA.

top 3 takeaways

The 2018 General Audit Management (GAM) Conference is in the books. Here is what we learned from this year's event.

Guest Post: A Call to Action for SOX Nerds

In this guest post, David Gamble, the head of SOX for a large public utility, describes his passion for internal controls.

cfo reporting best practices

Are you responsible for delivering management reports filled with financial data and analysis? Ask yourself these five questions before preparing your next corporate performance report.

spring cleaning process improvements

Is process improvement an area of focus this year? Check out a few spring cleaning tips to help you achieve your 2018 digital transformation.

intersection of audit and cybersecurity risk

Audit professionals know the importance of careful internal risk management, but often do not give outside vendors the same meticulous attention. How can auditors begin to address these risks?

more efficient prospectus

The evolving nature of regulatory risk and compliance has many investment advisors reconsidering how they manage their mutual fund prospectus filings.

critical audit matters

The new auditor reporting standard has been unveiled, and critical audit matters are a major component. What are they, and how can auditors adapt?

7 steps successful sec ifrs adoption

SEC filers from countries around the world filing with the IFRS Taxonomy need to be prepared to submit annual reports with XBRL for fiscal years ending on or after Dec. 15, 2017. Find out how you can be prepared.

year-end push for closing audit

The end of the year signals another annual audit plan that needs to be wrapped up. Follow these three steps to learn the best way to do it—and learn how technology can help.

workiva 2017 year in review

2017 was filled with record numbers, unforgettable moments, and a little fun. Watch the video to see highlights from the year.

why cfos need to take holistic approach to financial reporting

Your financial reporting processes may be seamless, but without accurate data throughout the reporting supply chain, there is cause for concern. A holistic look at your financial reporting process can help.

succession planning

Millennials are coming into the workforce in great numbers, but few consider the public sector. What can government agencies do to attract this generation of employees and plan for future successors?

Efficiently aligning internal controls with OMB A-123 compliance

As the landscape of internal control and risk management changes, federal agencies must learn to create effective, agile processes with limited resources.

Why financial reporting belongs in the cloud

Cloud technologies open enormous doors for financial reporting, and now is the time to get your organization involved.

Top 10 moments of TEC 2017

This year's user conference was one for the books with new products, hands-on trainings, and surprise performances. Get the highlights.

Editor’s Note: The sixth annual Wdesk user conference is underway in Las Vegas. This week we have a special guest contributor taking over the blog and giving us live updates from the conference. Please welcome Matt Kelly, Editor and CEO of Radical Compliance.

In the cybersecurity world, executives worry constantly about “shadow IT”—the risk that employees will implement their own IT systems via the cloud without telling anyone, therefore exposing the company to unknown security risks.

reliable data tec

Editor’s Note: The sixth annual Wdesk user conference is underway in Las Vegas. This week we have a special guest contributor taking over the blog and giving us live updates from the conference. Please welcome Matt Kelly, Editor and CEO of Radical Compliance.

TEC 2017 opened on Tuesday with a group of CFOs fretting about data—and, when you think about it, who can blame them?

Editor’s Note: The sixth annual Wdesk user conference is underway in Las Vegas. This week we have a special guest contributor taking over the blog and giving us live updates from the conference. Please welcome Matt Kelly, Editor and CEO of Radical Compliance.

5 best practices of boarding reporting

Board of directors demands for high-quality financial and management performance reporting have never been greater, and finance leaders are struggling to keep up. Follow these five best practices to provide the board with the insights they need.

6 ways cfos can evolve into strategic business leaders

Armanino’s CFO Evolution is a set of initiatives focused on enhancing the value of the CFO organization. Guest blog author John Dunican explains the framework for us.

survey results show a need for technology modernization

113 private company executives were surveyed on their finance goals for 2017. How does your company compare?

Leadership Lessons From Scott Kelly

American astronaut Scott Kelly will bring awe-inspiring stories and personal reflections on leadership, teamwork, and testing limits to the Wdesk user conference in Las Vegas, Sept.19–21, 2017.

The Transformative Power of Taxonomies

Taxonomies allow you to show the relationships between the individual values in your report. This blog explains the many benefits of tagging reporting data against a taxonomy.

The Future of Audit Quality: Audit Quality Indicators

There is finally an answer to the question, how do we effectively and accurately measure audit quality? It is audit quality indicators (AQIs). Read the blog to get the scoop on AQIs and how they impact you.

Modernizing government disclosures with structured data systems

The current process of sharing PDFs and other unstructured data files to complete government disclosures is not sustainable. Find out why structured data systems are the future for government disclosures.

get the most out of TEC

Get the inside scoop on what's new at the Wdesk user conference, The Exchange Community, this year. Learn four ways we have changed things to help you get the most out of it. Read the blog.

behind the w ernest

This edition of the Behind the W blog series introduces our readers to Ernest Anunciacion, Senior Product Marketing Manager. Read the blog post.

SOX compliance trends

Learn the benefits of and how to leverage the cloud, one of the biggest SOX compliance technology trends we expect to see in 2017.

2017 regulatory trends blog

Get all the information you need about how SAB74, new FASB standards, and ICFR will affect you and how to prepare for them.

behind the w don whitt

The Behind the W blog series introduces our readers to Workiva leadership. Read on to learn about Don Whitt, Vice President of Product Marketing, and how he got to where he is today.

US GAAP 2017 Taxonomy

Now that the 2017 Taxonomy has been approved by the SEC and is supported for filing by EDGAR, here are the notable changes. Go to article.

The basics still matter for effective internal control

Despite the wide range of risks, accounting systems, and control failures, things usually go wrong because of two basic reasons. At the end of the day, here's what matters most.

Inline XBRL (iXBRL)

On March 1, the SEC voted to propose amendments to require the use of Inline XBRL or iXBRL for public companies and mutual fund filings. In addition, the SEC published the IFRS Taxonomy to the EDGAR Filer Manual.

improve risk assessments blog

We have your New Year's resolution for ERM: analyze and improve your enterprise risk assessment (ERA) process. Read the blog to find out four key considerations.

New revenue recognition standard

No need to panic over the new revenue recognition standard—regulators are giving advice on how to prepare. Read this post for the 5 questions you'll need to be able to answer.

strategic risk management

Strategic risk management is an often-overlooked aspect of enterprise risk management (ERM) that can generate value by mitigating risk and creating opportunity.

Make your voice heard in the Idea Lab at TEC 2017

The Idea Lab offers TEC attendees the opportunity to share their ideas on how to improve Wdesk with Workiva developers. The developers then begin working on implementing these features on the spot!

IPO readiness is the key to a successful public offering

When approaching an IPO, there is a lot of room for error. Get your house in order in advance to give your company its best shot at becoming a successful public company.

embrace modern finance landscape blog

Organizations need the right tools to modernize finance while still delivering against stakeholder goals. Use these three concepts as a guide to modernize your finance team.

Wdesk Mobile app helps you stay connected on the go

Workiva keeps you connected in smart ways. With Wdesk Mobile, you can take care of all those 2-minute tasks that add up when you're away from your desk. Check it out.

soxic audit net survey blog

In a recent AuditNet survey, 76 percent of respondents said current audit technology at best meets only some of their needs. There is a conceptual shift coming to audit technology. Find out what it is in this blog post.

control self assessments blog

Ensuring the effectiveness of internal controls is paramount to achieving strategic objectives. Learn how you can use control self-assessments as part of your risk management process.

state of the market sox survey

Don’t die of shock here, but SOX compliance teams will need to wring even more efficiency from their compliance processes in 2017. At least you know that going into your planning for next year.

automating sox testing blog

Increased regulatory pressure and outdated evidence collection processes are creating problems for SOX teams. Find out the benefits of automating the entire SOX testing process with new technology.

start with a 10k blog

See why these companies chose to start using Wdesk for their 10-K filings.

risk mitigation strategies

To increase the value ERM brings to the table, teams need to provide risk oversight and solutions to mitigate issues. Read the blog to learn four practical ways to increase the value of ERM in your organization.

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

Mike Starr, Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, explains Inline XBRL and how it will affect your future filings.

managing cyber security risks

In this blog post, we’ll cover trends and developments in cybersecurity, evaluate practical steps you can take to enhance data security programs, and discuss how to communicate the importance of cybersecurity.

sox certification programs that work well

Even with 12 years of compliance experience behind us, implementing a systematic, automated process for SOX certification remains challenging for all types of companies. Here's what it takes to find a good one.

relationship between internal audit and erm blog

Enterprise risk management and audit functions focus on similar aspects of risk, but often take differing approaches. In order to improve risk processes, the two functions must increase collaboration.

data security in the cloud blog

Understanding how data security in the cloud meets traditional risk management and cybersecurity programs is still a pain point for many organizations. Here are 8 important security topics you need to discuss with your own vendors.

evolution of finance blog

From clay tablets to the cloud, accounting and finance have undergone significant changes since their inception. Here Mike Rost traces those changes to current challenges—and solutions—for FP&A teams.

confronting contradictory audit evidence part 2

In part two of this two part blog series, Thomas Ray details seven ways management can respond to the concerns of conflicting audit evidence and help their company’s auditor satisfy its responsibility.

confronting contradictory audit evidence blog

Read the first blog in a two-part series by Thomas Ray to learn how management can help the company’s auditor satisfy its responsibility and improve processes.

TEC Thank you blog

Every year the Workiva user conference connects hundreds of people in one incredible location for a few days of networking, learning, and fun. See the top 10 moments from 2016.

tec day 3 blog

In our world of data, spreadsheets, and control matrices, we sometimes forget how important the human elements of the job can be.

the exchange community blog day 2

The show-stopper session for day 2 of the 2016 user conference was Carey Lohrenz, the first female fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy. She gave an excellent keynote presentation Thursday morning about achieving high performance.

the exchange community day 1

Workiva kicked off its 2016 user conference Wednesday in San Diego hitting on themes of technology power and flexibility—which accounting, audit, and compliance executives will certainly need as they confront the modern regulatory and reporting climate.

dfast five best practices

The DFAST submission is no longer new. That means there is a lot to be learned from past submissions. Read to see the 5 best practices for improving efficiency and quality in your DFAST process.

tom fox less is more

During an economic downturn, you may be asked to do more with less. Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, explains three suggestions to doing SOX compliance with fewer resources. Watch this short video.

Maintaining a clear picture of your organization's risk priorities goes beyond having a risk assessment process. Find out how you can use risk prioritization to increase the value of your ERM program.

get the most out of tec blog

Whether it's your first conference or your fifth, here's a guide to getting the most out of The Exchange Community (TEC) Sept. 7–9 in San Diego.

connecting compliance and internal audit blog

With the planning period approaching, Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, explains best practices and the importance of connecting the offices of compliance and internal audit. Watch the video here.

top 7 reasons to attend TEC 2016

There are lots of reasons to attend TEC 2016. Check out the top seven reasons to attend this year's event.

national capital launch grc

The new Natural Capital Protocol has launched. Find out how natural capital accounting will impact your accounting practices and business. Read the blog.

Advance Auto certifications

"If I didn't have Wdesk, I wouldn't be able to do my job," says the manager of financial controls and compliance. See how Wdesk is pivotal to the SOX certification process at Advance Auto Parts.

grc oceg technology survey

View the newest OCEG GRC Technology Strategy Survey to learn more about trends, future plans, and insights into GRC technology use.

coso erm framework update

The newly released COSO ERM Framework is only missing one thing­—your feedback. Evaluate the updates and your technology to see how your ERM strategy can reach it's full potential.

insurance regulations are becoming more complex

As complex insurance regulations continue to increase alongside a shrinking talent pool, attracting new talent and technology is vital for the industry.

behind the w: liv watson blog

Liv Watson: XBRL developer, skateboard champion, world-traveler. Read on to find out more about the legend.

Tom Fox mergers and acquisitions

Read as Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, explains the importance of due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition and the risks companies face.

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

The SEC has released new rules that allow companies to voluntarily file data in the Inline XBRL format. This milestone shows the value that the SEC places on XBRL data, data quality, and reducing the regulatory burden.

How to find efficiencies in your SOX and audit processes

Before using Wdesk for controls management, Republic Airways used three individual, disconnected programs. The time-consuming, costly process needed a solution.

Best practices for creating your ORSA report

ORSA has evolved from a relatively unknown requirement to a present reality, and companies continue to adapt their plans to comply with the mandate.

Highlights from the 5th annual Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Conference

The GRI brought together market leaders from over 70 counties to discuss the next frontier of non-financial sustainability disclosure. Here's what you need to know.

IOSCO 2016: 5 key takeaways for securities regulators

Global capital market securities regulators met at the 41st Annual Conference of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) in Lima, Peru. Here are five key takeaways from the conference.

Building a risk assessment matrix

Do you feel like you're caught in the matrix when analyzing your company's risks? Read further to learn how to enhance your assessment process with a risk assessment matrix.

CCAR Stress Testing Blog

Now that Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) submissions are complete, it's time to take a well-deserved break and wait for the regulatory responses to roll in. In the meantime, here are five steps to improved processes.

VimpelCom FCPA case demonstrates significant internal controls failures

Read this guest blog post by Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, to learn about the enforcement actions taken against VimpelCom for internal controls failures.

Support documentation has never been easier at Noodles & Company

Searching for a solution to keep SEC support documentation organized and accessible, Noodles & Company turned to Wdesk for the sophisticated reporting process it needed.

5 best practices for meeting new demands on SOX compliance and controls

The SEC and PCAOB are on a steep trajectory to increase demands on SOX compliance and controls, with personal liability becoming an increasing reality. Here are five key practices for stepping up and meeting those demands.

Frederic Bourke and conscious indifference under the FCPA

Read as Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, explains how the case against Frederic Bourke resulted in the expansion of prosecution under the FCPA and how it could affect you.

The state of the Data Quality Committee and XBRL

The Data Quality Committee (DQC) is working to make XBRL data more valuable for filers and has released its first set of XBRL validation rules. Read the blog post for information about the comment period and other work the DQC is doing.

A Practitioner's Take on ERM Strategy

ERM strategy is usually great, in theory. But, good theory is difficult to turn into actionable steps. This blog takes a practitioner's view on turning theory on lines of defense into best practices.

Is performing risk assessments putting your company at risk?

How often are you performing risk assessments? The answer should be multiple times a year. Find out 3 questions that you should ask when performing risk assessments.

PTC in China: internal controls failure

Read this guest blog by Tom Fox, attorney and FCPA expert, to learn about the enforcement actions taken against PTC Inc. for internal controls failure.

How to detect and prevent bribery using internal controls

Recent investigations of large U.S.-based companies has brought bribery and FCPA compliance to the forefront of the fraud conversation. Find out how you can detect and prevent bribery using internal controls.

Understanding the value of natural capital for compliance and risk officers

Global leaders in accounting, social sciences, governments, and NGOs have joined together to develop new protocol to make business decisions through the Natural Capital Project (NCP). Read this blog post to get the principles and the framework.

DQC validations available on Wdesk: immediately

The first set of validation rules from the Data Quality Committee are available to all Wdesk users immediately. Read this blog post to learn more and access exclusive resources.

Tips for evaluating internal control deficiencies

Read this guest blog by Thomas Ray, former Chief Auditor of the PCAOB, to get four tips for evaluating internal control deficiencies, based on recent remarks and relevant guidance.

Here's to a happy and successful 2016

Our accomplishments in 2015 are an affirmation of the collaborative, innovative company our customers and employees have built. We are excited to have come this far with all of you and wish you all a happy and successful 2016.

The top 10 reasons to implement a digital review process

Your current review process is tired. Here are 10 reasons to implement a digital review process.

Capstone Infrastructure values SEDAR reporting collaboration

This Canadian company values collaboration, and the fact that every team member can work in Wdesk on the same report at once has been a game changer.

Management review controls—are they providing the assurance you need?

Public company auditors—and their clients—continue to feel pressure from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s (PCAOB) recent audit inspections. Find out what you need to consider as you evaluate the design and operation of your management review controls.

Using internal controls to detect and prevent fraud in your organization

All organizations—whether they're big or small—risk money and reputation loss due to fraud. Find out what you can do to build effective controls to both detect and prevent fraud.

Operational risk: key risk indicators (KRIs)

Understanding the importance of key risk indicators (KRIs) and effectively identifying them in your organization results in a positive impact on operational risks.

How one solution helped a handful of departments

Hear from AES Corporation employees that wanted Wdesk for its financial reporting needs, but wound up using it in a variety of departments for different projects, including earnings materials, CFO and CEO scripts, business scorecards, proxy statements, and more.

Essential audit skepticism for management

What impact is professional skepticism having on your process? This week our guest blogger, Thomas Ray, member of the accounting faculty at Baruch College and former Chief Auditor at the PCAOB, discusses the important role of professional skepticism in companies.

Who’s the judge of XBRL quality?

We all agree—data quality is a very important issue. But how reliable are the assessments that are currently available to measure data quality? The Data Quality Committee is looking to improve data quality with freely available validation rules.

An exclusive Q&A with Arianna Huffington

After The Exchange Community 2015, we were able to sit down with keynote speaker, Arianna Huffington for an exclusive Q&A inspired by customer questions. Read the blog to learn her take on boredom, technology detoxes, habits, and more.

Just released: photos from The Exchange Community 2015

Do you spot yourself in any of these photos? Check out our photos from The Exchange Community 2015.

5 best practices for RRP and CCAR

A group of risk professionals gathered in New York City and Chicago in July to discuss their reporting challenges, best practices, and lessons learned. Read this blog to get their top five best practices for the CCAR and RRP reporting process.

Thanks a million—Top 10 TEC moments

The Exchange Community 2015 was a success thanks to over 1,500 inspiring attendees. Take a walk down memory lane as we review the top 10 moments of this year.

7 things you need to know before you go to #WorkivaTEC

It's almost time to make the trek to Orlando. Here's what you should know about The Exchange Community 2015 before you arrive at registration.

Top 10 C-level conferences and events

For the C-suite, selecting the conferences and events that will provide the most value can be a challenge. Here's my list of the top 10 conferences, especially designed for C-suite and executive management teams, hosted by some of the best finance and professional groups around.

What grade would you give your reputational risk?

For many organizations, reputational risk is one of the most closely monitored risks, but most companies believe they are doing this inadequately. How do you compare? Read this blog to find out what factors you should be including in your risk appetite statement.

Implementing cloud-based reporting: what you need to know

Get these three tips for easing your team into cloud-based reporting. In this white paper from the IDC, three real teams are profiled in-depth. Here are their stories on how they implemented an enterprise-wide solution and drastically improved their business reporting processes.

The next big thing in XBRL data quality is here

Workiva, along with XBRL US and four other companies, has formed the Center for Data Quality to improve the quality and utility of XBRL data filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A toolkit for the strategic CFO

Finance has never been a stranger to strategy, but now they're closer than ever before. It's becoming increasingly crucial for the finance department to weigh in on strategic decisions. Here are a few ways to simplify both internal and external processes.

Wdesk brings business continuity to HSN, Inc.

Hear from Joy Malivuk, OVP of Financial Reporting at HSN, Inc., as she discusses how Wdesk exceeded her expectations for SEC reporting, including XBRL, and the benefits that a cloud application provides in her business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

The digital takeover: document and evidence management are under pressure

Remember when filing cabinets lined the walls of your office? If you needed to verify a few numbers or track down evidence of your internal controls you would have to dig.

W.R. Grace makes Certification a company-wide solution

What started as a solution for the financial reporting team has expanded across the company. Hear how Wdesk Certification is improving W.R. Grace's SOX process and business.

How to visualize and improve your mutual fund development

Most processes for managing mutual fund data can only be described as sufficient. In order to thrive as calls for transparency increase, teams must hone their work. Read this blog to find out how.

Behind the W: Meet Mitz Banarjee, Head of Global Services

This blog post gives you a little insight into my job as Head of Global Services, what makes our client services so special, and a few of my favorite things.

The scoop on EFCA technologies from Gartner

A new report from Gartner explores enhanced finance controls and automation (EFCA) technologies. See how your organization can increase collaboration and gain a competitive advantage by using cloud-based EFCA technologies.

Why LEI should be in your vocabulary

Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) are here to stay and are being adopted by countries around the world to more effectively measure and monitor systematic risk. Find out what a LEI is, why it's important, and how it impacts your company.

Make your auditors happy—and your boss too

Alphatec Spine was battling a manual, disjointed SOX process. Hear from Lauren Warrem, Manager of Technical Compliance, as she discusses how she streamlined the process.

In practice: adding the Revenue Recognition ASU to the taxonomy

Ever wonder how new accounting standards get into the US GAAP Taxonomy? Let’s take a new accounting codification update as an example, and walk through what it looks like to incorporate it into taxonomy.

How accounting changes get into the US GAAP Taxonomy

Have you ever wondered how new accounting standards get into the US GAAP Taxonomy? The complexity of the process may surprise you. See how new ASUs are added in four steps.

Add "storyteller" to your job description

While finance experts understand the numbers they see, oftentimes others do not. Add these storytelling skills to your repertoire to improve overall decision-making and communication for you and your organization.

American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16

Struggling with an outdated Section 16 filing process, American Equity makes a slam dunk with Wdesk Section 16.

Beware: auditors increase focus on revenue recognition

One of the most sweeping changes to the accounting world is the new revenue recognition standard. How will you handle the changes?

The CAQ alert: what you need to know

In December 2014, the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) issued an alert on key audit issues. Here is what you need to know and look out for.

Winnebago eliminates board reporting fire drills

Faced with a stressful, antiquated process, Winnebago Industries decided it was time for a change. See how it simplified the board reporting process with Wdesk.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

The SEC has become increasingly vocal in its opposition to any curtailment of its XBRL requirement. See how recent comments may impact you and your company.

The perfect storm of internal controls

Deficient audits are on the rise. With the increased scrutiny of external auditors, companies need a sound strategy and process for documenting and testing internal controls.

Edward Hospital takes a step forward

Spending too much time collecting, analyzing, and getting data into a presentable format, Edward Hospital decided to make a change and streamline its processes with Wdesk.

A "no-brainer" for risk reporting

FirstMerit Corporation used Wdesk to provide structure and collaboration to its new risk reporting process.

Four strategies for better board reporting

New laws and regulations have put more responsibility on boards and committees. Experts advise these four strategies for management to best help the board fulfill its role.

Internal audit, what's management not telling you?

There are five things that management is hesitant to say to internal audit, according to the IIA.

Data accuracy in sustainability reports

To achieve data accuracy, a standard reporting framework needs to be established for sustainability reporting.

MD&A: A picture worth a thousand words

Your MD&A should paint a picture for your investors on the future of your business. How are you illustrating this message?

3 ways to use data to make better decisions

Reporting plays a big role in decision-making—are you confident in your process? Take these three steps to make better business decisions.

5 tips to avoid internal audit mistakes

There are 13 common mistakes that internal auditors make. You can avoid all of those mistakes and come out ahead—just remember these 5 things.

The Modern CFO: How this role is evolving

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have evolved—reaching beyond finance. What does CFO stand for now? Read on to find out.

Nautilus lets Wdesk do the heavy lifting

The reporting team at Nautilus, Inc. switched from Wdesk to a printing service on the advice of a consultant. After just one quarter, Nautilus switched back—for good.

Which one should you adopt: ERM or GRC?

The definition of ERM and GRC has long been debated by firms. Understand the difference in the approach between the two and what this means for your firm.

Workiva is now a publicly traded company

This is a very exciting milestone for our company, but we wouldn’t be here today without the support of our more than 2,100 enterprise customers who use Wdesk every day.

7 ways to jump-start your SOX documentation planning and design

Read the top 7 ways you can get a head start on your Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) documentation and certification process before the busy design season kicks in.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Senior management and the board should work together like a well-oiled machine. Read our newest white paper to make this a reality for your company.

Behind the W: Meet our CTO, Jeff Trom

I sat down with Jeff Trom, the Chief Technology Officer for Workiva, to find out how our Development team works and what he likes to do for fun.

Your guide to telling your data story through pictures

Use this guide to data visualization as a way to solve problems, identify patterns, and understand what's driving organizational performance.

Behind the W: Meet our XBRL Professional Services Team

The Workiva Professional Services team assists financial reporting professionals around the globe. Find out more about this multi-lingual multi-talented team.

Staying in compliance during an M&A transaction

M&As are a daunting process—read this post to learn how to keep your cool through every stage of the game.

Bookmark these cloud resources

Business reporting is complex, but organizations are finding success in the cloud. Understand the needs and how expanding to new solutions is adding remarkable value.

Change the way your company thinks about change

Company-wide change is difficult. It can be nearly impossible if all stakeholders are not on board. The following seven steps can help companies embrace a culture of change.

The brave new world of internal controls

Increased regulation makes it more important than ever to make sure your processes and controls are adequate.

Data Quality blog

For Workiva, data quality is one of the highest priorities. We're passionate and believe that you don’t have to be an XBRL expert to have high-quality data.

Your guide to telling your data story through pictures

Use this guide to find out how restructuring your FP&A team can improve accuracy and efficiency.

InterDigital masters internal controls

Matt Lisowski shares the benefits his company gained by filing with Wdesk.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

By fixing business validations, your data quality will be more accurate.

Collaboration is key for teams to succeed

Watch this short video to hear directly from our customers how Wdesk streamlines the reporting process.

Is my XBRL accurate?

Mike Starr answers your burning questions about XBRL in this easy-to-use guide.

The DATA Act: are you ready for what's next?

In May 2014, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) was signed into law. Follow this three-step guide to prepare your company for the changes ahead.

Workiva is now a publicly traded company

Matt Rizai explains why WebFilings has changed its name to Workiva and what this means for you.

Is my XBRL accurate?

The limited liability grace period is almost over. It is more important than ever to make sure your controls and procedures are in place.

6 steps to make Sarbanes-Oxley work for you

Follow these six steps to stay on top of your Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) documentation.

The Perfect Pair: Sarbanes-Oxley and COSO Framework

By acknowledging the challenges and taking charge of the documentation, companies are staying ahead of the game in regards to SOX.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

How do you know when to use an extension? Read this guide for some tips to help you decide when it's appropriate.

3 Tips to Implement Risk-Adjusted Forecasting

Risk-adjusted forecasting is still in the early stages of adoption, but its value is becoming more apparent.

The daily struggle with traditional software for government reporting

First came UPC codes, and then HTML. Now the DATA Act is working to change the way government spending data is shared.

Is my XBRL accurate?

S-1? Congratulations! Cue the balloons and confetti!

Now that the celebration has been taken care of, there are a few other things that need to be addressed. Once your company goes public, you will have a lot more rules and regulations to keep track of, not to mention numerous reports to prepare and file with the SEC.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Wdesk can eliminate your organization's risk of using overnight carriers to distribute your board reporting materials.

Why sustainability should be your CFO's top priority

The role of CFO is changing. Francis Quinn addresses how recently CFOs and sustainability have become closer than ever.

Discover DIY XBRL

The world's number one nonfiction media company chose Wdesk to help with its unique SEC reporting needs.

CFO blog image

As the role of CFO changes, the financial leaders in organizations are required to be proactive with their strategic plans.

CFO blog image

As the responsibilities of CFOs increase, companies need technology that can accommodate the needs of finance and accounting teams.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

72 percent of finance teams do not trust the numbers they are using in reporting. What's your team putting at risk?

Discover Love at First Sight With Wdesk

Discovery Communications and Wdesk are a perfect match. Watch the video to hear what the team loves about Wdesk.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Board Reporting by Wdesk can help your organization save money and be greener too.

W.R. Grace makes Certification a company-wide solution

Terry Puglisi, Finance Manager of W.R. Grace and Company, discusses the benefits of switching to Wdesk.

SOX relationship between SOX and FCPA compliance

Get the lowdown on the relationship between SOX and FCPA compliance, its impact on internal controls and compliance programs, and why it plays an important role in the disclosure of violations.

CFO blog image

Insights from AICPA National Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments and what companies and auditors should expect in 2014.

CFO blog image

Insights from AICPA National Conference on Current SEC and PCAOB Developments and what companies and auditors should expect in 2014.

What it means to be a data-driven organization

Find out what you need to know about the DATA Act. How does this bill affect you?

Customer feedback inspires Wdesk innovation

Three new features have been added to the Board Reporting Solution. Here's a breakdown of each one.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Several articles and interest from Congress and other groups have sparked debate about the quality of XBRL filings.

SEC proposes tightening of mutual fund regulations

Let Wdesk organize your data and streamline your mutual fund reporting process.

A New Global Standard for CSR Reporting

The different CSR reporting frameworks have some overlap, but there are also some important differences between them.

SEC proposes tightening of mutual fund regulations

XBRL tags simplify the ability to search fund reports for specific information, but they can be difficult to implement.

Data accuracy in sustainability reports

Companies in the United States are starting to report CSR more than ever before. Here are the top four reasons why.

Understanding internal controls in processes

Certification simplifies the sub-certification process and provides bulk signing, attachments, and templates.

customers blog image

Read how Hecla uses multiple Wdesk solutions to bring success to its external reporting and certification processes.

A "no-brainer" for risk reporting

FirstMerit Corporation started using Wdesk to file its 10-K and ended up filing two days ahead of schedule.

Is my XBRL accurate?

The SEC needs to require all filers to revise tagging errors, including unnecessary extensions, in XBRL filings.

data security in the cloud blog

Herman Miller improves its process by switching to Wdesk to file the 10-K, saving time and preventing errors.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Black Hills Corporation started using Wdesk to prepare its 10-K and saved 300 hours with the power of linking.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

The proposed changes to the 2014 Taxonomy are here. Don’t forget you have until Oct. 31 to make your comments!

data security in the cloud blog

See how Wdesk for Investor Relations can improve interaction with buy-side and sell-side analysts and shareholders.

The ultimate survival guide to our annual user conference

The wait is over. The official wrap-up video from The Exchange Community 2013 user conference has been released.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Join WebFilings for some exciting webinars in October.

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

The 2014 US GAAP Taxonomy is available now. Read our thoughts on the newest draft that is open for public comment.

What it means to be a data-driven organization

Wdesk solutions remove your data collection woes while creating reports you can stand behind.

TEC conference quotes image

See a sample of what TEC 2013 attendees had to say about the second annual user conference in Las Vegas.

TEC Thank you blog

Thank you for making The Exchange Community 2013 an event to remember!

A New Global Standard for CSR Reporting

Companies who embrace Corporate Social Responsibility as a key pillar in their operational strategy strengthen their brand.

data security in the cloud blog

A high-tech company switched to Wdesk and now enjoys less pressure, a more even schedule, and an easy external reporting process.

Data accuracy in sustainability reports

The Netherlands is leading the way in Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Read an overview of XBRL issues, including current filings, the emerging uses of XBRL data, and updates to come.

Customer success image

Listen as WebFilings customers explain why our world-class customer service sets us apart.

Work table desk image

Tired of dealing with third-party timelines, Stillwater Mining Company took control of its reporting process.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

CIRCOR International implemented the External Reporting Solution on Wdesk to improve the efficiency of its outdated reporting process.

connecting compliance and internal audit blog

Fed up with tight deadlines from the printer, NII Holdings made an easy switch to Wdesk.

3 keys to being a top performing auditor

Certification on Wdesk now supports signer groups, letter enhancements, and automatic hyperlinks.

CFO blog image

An industry-leading mining company knew it needed a new solution for its XBRL detailed tagging and chose Wdesk.

Work table desk image

Nearly two years after the switch, the Orbitz team says they are saving time and money over traditional third-party printers.

Why sustainability should be your CFO's top priority

A recent publication proposes an international standard framework to introduce disclosure requirements in CSR reporting.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Follow these tips from our XBRL experts to stay on top of the most recent EDGAR system update from the SEC.

American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16

Steve Harms was so eager for a better way to work on Forms 3, 4, and 5 filings, that he asked WebFilings if his team could start using Section 16 before it officially launched

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Are you apprehensive the time constraints and deadlines mandated by the SEC take a toll on the accuracy of your reports? Gilead Sciences was.


Create slide-based, professional presentations with the newest feature on the Wdesk Report Cloud.

data security in the cloud blog

Heartland Express struggled with Section 16 reporting, until Wdesk streamlined their Forms 3, 4, and 5 filings.

customers blog image

After using the External Reporting Solution, Orbitz trusted Wdesk to streamline their sub-certification process, too.

Customer success image

After three quarters with Wdesk, Noranda Aluminum discusses how the platform has increased efficiency and built confidence for the reporting team.

Customer success image

Take a moment to consider all of the customer service relationships in your life.

evolution of finance blog

Lattice Semiconductor started with a K and now uses the Wdesk External Reporting Solution for its 10-Qs, 8-Ks, S, and proxy statements, too.

data security in the cloud blog

Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., a Canadian company, uses the External Reporting Solution on Wdesk to streamline its reporting process.

confronting contradictory audit evidence part 2

Take a look at these tips and tricks to ensure your filing success. Although the following tips are geared towards Wdesk users, they are helpful reminders, even if you haven't

Learn how Wdesk can eliminate damaging errors from the business reporting process.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

We are excited to introduce you to a few new features on the Board Reporting Solution, powered by Wdesk.

xbrl questions blog image

According to a recent article by Financial Times the SEC will be implementing new software that will spot accounting anomalies in corporate financial statements filed with the SEC.

CFO blog image

We are very excited to announce the launch of Wdesk—Business Reporting in Real Time.

This powerful new platform is a business reporting cloud for teams. Using Wdesk is like having your whole team working on a report at the same desk, at the same time. With Wdesk, WebFilings offers more than just the leading solution in External Reporting. Browse our new website and see how your team can collaborate on fund, risk, board, management, and CSR business reports.

Work table desk image

Mark your calendars!

xbrl questions blog image

“XBRL: To Migrate or Not to Migrate?” weighs both the pros and cons of choosing to migrate from either the 2011 US GAAP Taxonomy to the 2012 US GAAP Taxonomy or continuing to

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Watch the customer testimonial video of Century Aluminum and how different Wdesk solutions helped ease their filing process.

Is my XBRL accurate?

TiVo revolutionized the way its customers watched TV by giving them the freedom to watch anything, anytime, anyplace. A company giving that level of control to its customers was bound to want more control over its own SEC reporting process. “When I saw Wdesk, the lights just went on,” says Phyllis Mesec, Senior Director of External Reporting at TiVo. “I was so excited because it just made sense to me.” Until that point, TiVo had used an outside vendor to format, XBRL tag, and file SEC reports.

evolution of finance blog

eBay started using the Wdesk External Reporting Solution for SEC filings in Q3 of 2010. Since making the change, Cook says he has seen a “tremendous improvement” in his work-l

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

By the end of the first quarter of 2013, the SEC will reach an important milestone—substantially all public companies will have filed an XBRL exhibit to the 10-K with a comple

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

With the three XBRL phase-in periods behind us, we are now in phase 4. Hear from Managing Director Jerry Behar about his view on what's next for XBRL.

customers blog image

TiVo Inc. changed our lives—no more fighting over the TV remote! And now, the feeling is mutual. WebFilings cloud-based collaboration feature has eliminated the stress that derived from “pencils down.”

Customer success image

Customer service and accessibility—just two of the many reasons Tanger Outlets is smitten with Wdesk.

Linking blog image

All you need is love—and luckily, we have lots of it! Check out our blog series, inspired by the season of love. Today’s blog features love at first link.

Customer success image

Watch this video to see how Patty Delaney Bartholf, Director, Financial at ICU Medical Inc. found solutions to problems of the

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Attending ongoing educational opportunities is one way you can improve your XBRL reporting process.

The key to improved board oversight of sustainability

A panel discussion at the World Economic Forum concluded that the approach adopted by rating agencies presents a number of shortcomings. Read the full article from GSI in Davos, Switzerland.

Why sustainability should be your CFO's top priority

Until now, many companies had to outsource the creation of data charts used in 10-K filings, often costing hundreds of dollars.

Data accuracy in sustainability reports

Research presented today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland looked at more than 120,000 statements from 2011 annual reports. Overall, companies were cautious in the tone of content, negativity was almost non-existent, and risks were mentioned only when it was unavoidable.

customers blog image

Frustrating. That's how Bob Adam, Assistant Controller, summed up the SEC reporting process at Lattice Semiconductor using word processing software. Struggling with version c

American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16

At a time when technology is making life easier at every point, the SEC reporting team at American Equity Investment Life Holding Company, an Iowa-based underwriter of fixed a

How one solution helped a handful of departments

The three-step process NII Holdings Inc., a Latin American telecommunications company, was using to file SEC reports was arduous.

The ultimate survival guide to our annual user conference

The financial industry is abuzz with the recent location and date announcement of The Exchange Community 2013. We hope you can join us in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center September 10–12. Registration will open in early 2013.

Workiva is now a publicly traded company

We may be a technology company, but some things are just better the old-fashioned way. Read here to see how WebFilings continues to exhibit world class customer service as CSA

Understanding internal controls in processes

Read the full story about how a $7 billion real estate investment trust, Liberty Property Trust, was able to take control and ensure successful filings.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

FirstMerit Bank uses Wdesk for its certification and sub-certification needs.

3 keys to being a top performing auditor

Finding an internal auditor with the right mix of skills can be tough. Read this blog post to learn the three essential traits every top-performing auditor should have.

confronting contradictory audit evidence part 2

Marty Cagan, a 30-year veteran of software and product design, joined WebFilings as a senior advisor.

Beware: auditors increase focus on revenue recognition

WebFilings has developed a first-of-its-kind solution for end-to-end management of the sub-certification process with Wdesk Certification Solution.

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Meredith Corporation switches to WebFilings Section 16.

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When unexpected situations arose, Aviat Networks was able to file its 8-K and 10-K remotely with WebFilings cloud-based solution.

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Private companies face many of the same challenges as their public counterparts when publishing external financial and business performance reports, but can now save hundreds of hours with the Internal Reporting solution.

A "no-brainer" for risk reporting

With the world-class Customer Service Manager, FirstMerit's transition to the new, streamlined solution went smoothly, and the entire financial reporting process improved vast

Now trending: board reporting best practices

Tanger Factory Outlets wanted to handle all SEC report development and filing processes in house, so it shifted to WebFilings to fulfill this desire.

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At WebFilings, our customers come first, and we prove our results through successful filings, raving customers, and world-class customer satisfaction scores, which all increas

Now trending: board reporting best practices

This solution will transform how meeting binders, reports, CEO books, and other complex documents are authored, distributed and analyzed.

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See what Bob Adam of Lattice Semiconductors says about working with the Wdesk External Reporting Solution.

Why you should sweat the small stuff

Change can be scary enough, but when it involves something as complex as external reporting, it can feel completely overwhelming. Let our reporting solutions help ease your worries and improve your efficiency.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Heartland Express chooses Wdesk for Section 16 filings.

3 Traits Your Reporting Specialist Should Have

Let a few of our customers tell you, in their words, what it’s like to work with Wdesk and our world-class customer success team.

7 ways to jump-start your SOX documentation planning and design

J.W. Mike Starr to join the WebFilings team.

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The Wdesk provides benefits to the CFO that other solutions simply cannot.

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Have you ever wondered where you stand in a business relationship? Many companies will say things like, “We LOVE our customers!” But then what do they do?

Do they...

  • Shower you with attention until you purchase their product, and then disappear?
  • Ignore you until it’s time to pay the bill?
  • Force you to leave messages instead of picking up the phone when you call?
  • Break their promises?
  • Keep making the same mistakes?

True love

A "no-brainer" for risk reporting

Vice President and Assistant Controller at FirstMerit Bank, an Ohio based holding company, Gilbert describes the transition to Wdesk as "seamless and easy." More significantly


Bob Herz gets inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame

Is my XBRL accurate?

WebFilings University's Course 4 covers the tools and techniques for doing an overall review of an XBRL filing

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

WebFilings University presents Course 3 in the series of XBRL trainings, which focuses on improving the overall quality of your filing through education on the US GAPP Taxonomy.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Learn tagging at your own pace and on your schedule. WebFilings University courses are available virtually, allowing you to improve your skills as your calendar and workload allows.


WebFilings University is a four-course online series designed to provide XBRL knowledge and experience for your filing success.


WebFilings is proud to announce the launch of our XBRL Training Program—providing support and training on XBRL to our customers. This curriculum combines all aspects of the prior WebFilings training programs and helps you work with informed confidence.

10 practical risk management facts they didn't teach in school

Discover a practical approach to choosing a disclosure management solution.

Please join Joseph Howell and me as we lead Executive Enterprise Institute's (EEI's) "XBRL Update: Financial Professionals Guide to Surviving XBRL." Through a series of intera

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Do you often wish your word processor could handle your multi-page Schedule of Assets table for your 11-K with ease? You're not alone. With the 11-K reporting season fast approaching, I've had the opportunity to meet with many of our customers who have streamlined the preparation of their 11-K with our solution.

SEC may be closer to approving the latest IFRS Taxonomy

The SEC has recently approved the 2012 version of the US-GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy as provided to them by the FASB at the start of this year.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Uncover the challenges of business reporting in this three-part white paper series.

3 Traits Your Reporting Specialist Should Have

To create a more efficient and streamlined SEC reporting process, our co-founders and managing directors took a new approach to the age-old problems associated with financial reporting.

managing cyber security risks

The SSAE 16 audit is the most widely recognized standard of data security, and WebFilings has successfully passed.

Beware: auditors increase focus on revenue recognition

Timothy Randle explains comments on related XBRL best practices regarding what the SEC is addressing in Staff Observations From Review of Interactive Data Financial Statements

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WebFilings is pleased to announce that Liv Watson is joining the WebFilings team as Director of International Business Development.

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FERF survey shows momentum building for built-in solutions.

Is my XBRL accurate?

WebFilings earns highest satisfaction marks on 2011 FERF XBRL survey.

How one solution helped a handful of departments

Learn how WebFilings customers are saying "No More Pencils Down!" with Wdesk EDGAR HTML conversion capabilities.

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The XBRL.US National Conference was held the last week of September, a gathering of more than 300 regulators, industry participants and of course primarily public company CFOs

Is my XBRL accurate?

Timothy Randle, Director of XBRL Solutions at WebFilings, reports from the XBRL.US National Conference - Part 2 of 2.

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

Jerry Behar discusses current reporting trends and how companies are adopting fully integrated SEC reporting solutions.

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

More and more public companies are discovering what hundreds already know, that it is possible to save time and money and maintain control of their SEC reporting process using

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One of the most rewarding parts of our job is hearing from customers whose business reporting experience was made less stressful and more enjoyable. We've compiled here some o

Workiva Customer Success Team

Find out why Ames, Iowa, has proven to be the perfect fit for SEC reporting solution company, WebFilings.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Download the latest XBRL white paper written by Dean Ritz, Director of XBRL Solutions at WebFilings. In Part II of this white paper series, Ritz explores the availability of m

David Haila, Senior Software Engineer and Lead XBRL Architect at WebFilings, reflects on his experience at the first annual IFRS Taxonomy Convention, including the current state and future of XBRL.

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WebFilings has successfully completed the rigorous Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) Type II audit process.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Tammy Whitehouse, author of the “Accounting & Auditing Update” at Compliance Week, recently wrote an article entitled, “As XBRL Evolves, Unique Tags Threaten Its Usefulness.”

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

In this first of a white paper series, we begin to answer the question: Why is Year 2 XBRL compliance so much more difficult than Year 1 compliance?

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud

Welcome Robert Herz, former Chairman of the FASB, to the WebFilings team.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Dean Ritz, Director or XBRL Solutions, shares three conclusions he's reached about the task of teaching XBRL.

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More and more companies are adopting the cloud for the first time for their SEC reporting needs. Learn why.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

Dean Ritz, Director for XBRL Solutions for WebFilings, comments on the ongoing changes to the US GAAP taxonomy.

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Matt Rizai, CEO of WebFilings, comments on WebFilings growth and the recent funding awarded from the State of Iowa and the Ames community.

Understanding the game of XBRL business validations

How do I get the calculation inconsistencies to go away? The innovative, integrated XBRL solution offers everything our customers need to meet the SEC reporting mandate.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Join us in Palo Alto, Calif. for an XBRL workshop on Tuesday, Dec. 14 from 8:30 to 10:30 am PDT provided by WebFilings and sponsored by Accretive Solutions, The SEC Institute, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

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It has been an unprecedented year of growth for Webfilings. Since we launched our category-defining end-to-end External Reporting Solution for SEC reporting in March, our comp

Workiva supports Inline XBRL 

Comparing Year 2 Filers, Apple and Dell, using the XBRL Taxonomy Analyzer, a valuable component of the fully integrated SEC Reporting Solution.

XBRL—More important than ever to the SEC’s mission

Introducing Taxonomy Analyzer, a valuable component of our end-to-end SEC reporting and compliance solution.

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Produce your own EDGARized documents, interactive data, and XBRL filings, and submit documents to the SEC on your own behalf. Ease the burden of SEC reporting and take control of your own filings.

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WebFilings announced today the launch of its cloud-based software which streamlines and improves the process of developing and filing Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) reports. The software integrates word processing and spreadsheet functionality, EDGAR HTML conversion and XBRL tagging into a single, fully-integrated, end-to-end solution that helps SEC reporting teams meet reporting requirements for a range of regulatory filings.

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WebFilings, a revolutionary software solution which automates and improves the process for drafting, review and filing of SEC reports.