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Your guide to telling your data story through pictures

Your guide to telling your data story through pictures
November 4, 2014

FP&A teams are under increased pressure to deliver sound analysis and business recommendations on short timelines. But teams struggle with missing or outdated information and a way to organize and present their data and strategies concisely. Decisions are taking longer to make, and management is growing restless.

The AFP Guide to Data Visualization: How to Tell Number Stories with Pictures explores how finance professionals look at data visualization as a way to solve problems, identify patterns, and understand what's driving organizational performance.

To visually represent their data, FP&A teams need to look for a solution that enables them to:

  • Create compelling stories
    Tell your story through graphs and charts to keep your audience engaged. Through this visual medium, you can convey specific information and show high-level trends depicting strategic measures on business performance.

  • Ensure data accuracy
    Linking information from a single source of truth into financial reports, dashboards, and presentations allows teams to report up-to-the-minute information with complete confidence in the accuracy of the data.

  • Encourage collaborative conversations
    Collaboration is the key to successful analysis. Teams are better able to identify and find answers to key business questions, and communicate more efficiently to senior management and the board.

Read this guide to get real-world examples of how FP&A teams are implementing visualization today—delivering analysis and key recommendations to senior management, so they can quickly make strategic decisions that move the business.

Click here to access the guide.

About the Author

Joseph Howell is the former Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Workiva. Prior to cofounding Workiva, he served as Chief Financial Officer for a number of public and private companies. He also served as the cofounder, organizer, and community moderator for the SEC Professionals Group.

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