XBRL Filings: Dotting your "I's" and crossing your "X's"

August 3, 2012
WebFilings University's Course 4 covers the applications and techniques for doing an overall review of an XBRL filing in Wdesk. Ensure that your filing is ready for submission by learning quality checks and review points. After completing this training course the student should:
  • Be better equipped to maintain quality control through document editing an into live filing
  • Understand the Wdesk tools and techniques for doing an overall review of an XBRL filing
Watch WebFilings University courses as you need them. Looking to file and need a review technique refresher? Log in to view the training step by step and at your own pace. All courses are available online at go360.webfilings.com. You'll need a WebFilings user account and an authorization code for your WebFilings University class to access the courses. Register now by [contacting your WebFilings account executive](/contact). Missed the first three courses? Check out [Course 1](/node/1817), [Course 2](/node/1675), and [Course 3](/node/1756)!
Dean Ritz

About the author

Dean Ritz is a Senior Director of IP Strategy at Workiva. He has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry with a focus on XBRL the last 7 years.