W.R. Grace Benefits From Switching to Wdesk

W.R. Grace makes Certification a company-wide solution
January 17, 2014
It was the ability to eliminate the pencils down period that convinced Terry Puglisi, Finance Manager, to bring W.R. Grace and Company's external reporting process in-house. After reviewing their process, Puglisi and his team noticed some bottlenecks and realized Wdesk was the answer.

The user-friendly interface made the conversion process seamless for W.R. Grace. Its first filing using Wdesk was a 10-K. "The hour before we were ready to file the document, we were able to make edits, make changes, review it, and file it in a timely manner," says Puglisi.

Puglisi and his team aren't the only ones reaping the benefits of Wdesk. The IT department at W.R. Grace appreciates that Wdesk is cloud-based. Using Wdesk doesn't take up valuable server space, unlike traditional software programs.

Another benefit of Wdesk is the personal support provided its Customer Success Managers (CSM). Puglisi considers his CSM an integral part of his reporting team and praises the working relationship with her. "The Customer Success Manager wants to know our document—wants to know more about about our company and doesn't just treat it as another filing."

To learn more about W.R. Grace’s experience with Wdesk, watch the video.
Mitz Banarjee

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