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Workiva Marketplace: Discover Simpler Ways to Do Your Work

Workiva Marketplace
July 29, 2021

I'm excited to share that Workiva has launched a new way to enjoy simplicity in our complex work world—over a hundred new ways, actually. With the Workiva Marketplace, users can simplify work by activating ready-made templates, data connectors, and services from industry experts and trusted partners.  

We drew up this guide to help you navigate this exciting new place filled with resources to help you save time, save hassles, and get started faster. 

Step 1. Browse the Marketplace listings

The Workiva Marketplace is a central repository where you can browse or search templates, connectors, and services for the many ways you can use the Workiva platform. Many of the templates came from successful applications and demo requests over the past 24 months, and are based directly on the best practices of our power users.

Templates range from process checklists to carefully organized and linked reports to style guides. Some of our most popular templates are perfectly formatted reports and presentations designed purely as new creative assets that open ideas for the user.  

One such example is a beautifully designed proxy template from our partners at the design agency Argyle. This ready-to-use template demonstrates how SEC customers can use Workiva for proxy statements. No more need to start that complicated document from scratch!

Argyle Proxy Statement Template

Step 2. Activate a template, connector, or service

As you browse the Workiva Marketplace listings, you can see screenshots and descriptions of each. Templates and connectors are tagged with required solutions and allow you to "Add to Workspace." Simply log in and select an eligible workspace and add that template to the Workiva workspace. A notification and email will inform the user when the template is available. 

Within the template folder are all the documents, presentations, and spreadsheets necessary, as well as an instruction sheet. Some templates also include prebuilt formulas and links that you can make your own.

For services listings, users can learn more about what’s included and contact the partners directly if interested—all without leaving the Marketplace.

If users don’t have the prerequisite solutions, they can always contact sales or partners with a contact form for more information on additional steps they can take.

Step 3. Give feedback

Workiva will be reaching out to users who show interest in templates and answer questions about getting set up. Within the first two weeks of installing a template, users will also receive a survey via email requesting them to review their experience. Plus, we want to know about any new templates you’d like to see on the site. Our goal is to make the most useful, easy-to-use Marketplace on the...well, market. Your feedback will continue to improve the Marketplace as it evolves. 

The future is truth and trust in data

At Workiva, we like to say that you can only trust the facts with truly connected data. We have developed a single platform for any enterprise that connects directly to your data sources—yes, right to the source. That's because, with absolute transparency, mistakes have nowhere to hide. 

Our Marketplace is filled with ways to make that happen—from templates ready to start populating with connected data to services that can help you build out an entire connected reporting ecosystem. It will continue to grow as our customers and partners continue to innovate, providing a great way to add even MORE value to the platform. 

Join us on the next step into a simpler way. 

Continue your journey at

About the Author

Yasser is Senior Vice President Marketing at Workiva. Prior to Workiva, Yasser spent over 20 years in leadership positions across multiple disciplines ranging from strategy, marketing, and business development to consulting, engineering, and product management at companies including Oracle, Primavera Systems, Infor, Manhattan Associates, Motorola, and Toshiba. Yasser holds dual bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and industrial systems engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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