Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud
August 6, 2013

As business reporting teams evaluate options to improve their process, many begin looking at the cloud as as a solution to their frustrations. As people research cloud-based solutions, they find Wdesk stands apart from the competition. Follow this blog series to learn the ten reasons “Why Our Customers Choose Wdesk and the Cloud.”

For many of our customers, Wdesk was the first cloud-based application implemented in their organizations. These customers not only needed to learn the benefits of the cloud for themselves, but they also needed to familiarize their organizations with the platform. There are many reasons why our customers—and their IT departments—choose Wdesk and the cloud, and in this blog series, we will give you a detailed look at these ten.

  1. Low total cost of ownership – Wdesk requires no on-premise installation or support from a company's IT organization.
  2. Rapid startup – Wdesk is easy to use and requires little training. Our customers gain control of their business reporting processes and save both time and money almost immediately.
  3. Innovation – Wdesk doesn't have the typical overhead of managing application hosting infrastructure or installations. This means we can invest more in product features that enhance customer productivity and deliver them faster.
  4. Availability – Our collaborative solution is 100 percent web-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  5. Reliability – Google App Engine™ and Amazon Web Services™, our infrastructure and platform providers, are unmatched in networking, application hosting, and data security. As a result, Wdesk has better uptime, scalability, data redundancy, and fault tolerance than a traditional-hosted or on-premise system could provide.
  6. Elasticity – Using the cloud infrastructure allows our customers to grow or shrink their usage, and the infrastructure automatically scales to meet their needs. As organizations find more uses for Wdesk, there are no additional considerations associated with the addition of tens, hundreds, or thousands of new users. They can be added immediately without hardware costs.
  7. CAPEX to OPEX – Workiva customers are able to move cash out of traditionally high cost IT expenditures and into run rate expenses.
  8. Security – The cloud-based storage system combined with our product security implementation, ensures that a company's information is encrypted, encoded, and distributed among multiple physical and virtual servers across geographically dispersed data centers. Our approach eliminates common data security risks associated with physical access to data storage and networking systems.
  9. Green IT – Our cloud-based solutions leverage economies of scale allowing for a smaller IT footprint and lower overall energy consumption. From our customers' perspective, it immediately reduces the load on their infrastructure and is significantly greener for them.
  10. Business Continuity – A pandemic, severe weather, or other unforeseen events will not impact our customers’ ability to meet their deadlines and will allow them to continue business as usual. Wdesk requires no additional structure on the part of our customers to fully support business reporting when faced with disaster.

These are just a few reasons our customers choose Wdesk. Continue to follow this blog series as we examine each of the reasons in more depth throughout the following months.

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