Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud: Security

Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud
December 5, 2014

Reason Number Eight: Security

Security is crucial, no matter what software your company uses. But the type of software you implement determines who is responsible for establishing data security—the provider or you.

With traditional, non-cloud software, the security of sensitive information hinges on the security of the hardware and the hosting services being used. That means it's the company's job to ensure their data is safe.

On the other hand, security with cloud-based software is the provider's responsibility. Businesses expect cloud software providers to deliver first-class protection for their data and hold providers accountable for any failure to do so.

The Wdesk cloud-based storage system, combined with our product security implementation, ensures that our customers' sensitive information is well guarded.

We encrypt, encode, and distribute data among multiple physical and virtual servers across geographically dispersed data centers. This eliminates common security risks associated with physical access to data storage and networking systems.

Our decisions have always been based on providing the best possible data protection, which is why over 2,000 businesses trust us with their complex reports.

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Mitz Banarjee

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Mitz Banarjee is the Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Over the past 10 years, he has been heavily involved with technology companies of all sizes at an operational level driving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.