Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud: Green IT

Why our customers choose Wdesk and the cloud
March 24, 2015

Reason Number Nine: Green IT

No, we don't mean your IT will be jealous. In fact, your IT staff will probably thank you for choosing a low-maintenance solution. Rather, we're talking about lessening environmental impact.

From construction to maintenance, data centers are a huge cost for businesses. Equally important, though, is the environmental cost of establishing and running these centers.

Wdesk not only reduces the load on our customers' infrastructure, but it also allows for a smaller IT footprint and lower overall energy consumption.

How do we do it? By working with companies that make their data centers as carbon neutral as possible.

We use Amazon and Google data centers to host the Wdesk platform. Both companies are committed to minimizing waste and conserving energy. Several of Amazon's corporate buildings have been awarded with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification, and Google data centers use 50% less energy than the typical data center.

Wdesk supports submission of CDP climate change, water, supply chain, and forests questionnaires and is a GRI-accredited software platform that enables reporting with G3, G3.1 and G4 guidelines—all supported by a dedicated, customer success manager.

Whether you own the hardware or rely on someone else to store your data, you're responsible for choosing a solution that reflects your company's sustainability values and goals. And in the case of cloud-based solutions, it's the responsibility of the provider to find and implement the most energy-efficient method of storing data.

Our customers can rest easy knowing we are looking out for both their needs and the environment.

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Mitz Banarjee

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Mitz Banarjee is the Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Over the past 10 years, he has been heavily involved with technology companies of all sizes at an operational level driving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.