WebFilings Welcomes Francis Quinn

December 4, 2012
Francis Quinn, a global corporate strategist, has joined WebFilings as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Technologies. Quinn began his career as a research fellow at the Japanese Ministry of International Trade & Industry. In 1996, he joined L'Oreal Group as a researcher in biomimetic and composite polymers. Quinn later led the integration of The Body Shop into L'Oreal. Most recently, he built the company's global sustainable growth strategy as director of sustainable development. Quinn's inventions have earned him more than 30 patents. He has written or contributed to five books and authored several white papers on sustainable development, CSR strategies, and policies on competing in international markets. He has also published original research on sustainable innovation, including nanotechnologies, biomimetic polymers, and technological risk. Quinn has been recognized internationally by his peers, professional associations, academic institutions, news outlets, international groups, and non-governmental organizations. Quinn received his Ph.D. in physics from Trinity College Dublin.
Marty Vanderploeg

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Marty Vanderploeg is the President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director at Workiva. He is the former founder and COO at Engineering Animation, Inc.