Timing is Everything: Enabling the CFO

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August 24, 2012

CFOs should never be constrained by waiting on software or third parties to execute financial strategy. WebFilings provides the CFO with complete control when timing the submission of earnings releases, corporate actions, and quarterly or annual reports to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The speed and flexibility of this fully integrated, cloud-based solution has made a difference of millions of dollars to WebFilings customers and their stakeholders. The Wdesk External Reporting Solution provides benefits to the CFO that other solutions simply cannot:

  • WebFilings customers save seven calendar days on average during their 10-Q reporting process
  • Wdesk Solutions enable financial reporting teams to focus on the content of the report, rather than document formatting
  • WebFilings customers benefit from advanced data features that ensure numbers and narrative are represented exactly as intended

This combination of benefits provides complete control over the financial reporting process. Read the full business brief to learn more about how timing filings can allow CFOs to pinpoint control and maximize value.