Telling a Consistent Story - Both Inside and Outside the Filings

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January 7, 2011

Now more than ever, investor relations officers (IROs) and investor relations (IR) teams are under a huge amount of pressure managing their company's financial and public relations information—all in an effort to facilitate the conversation between a company, its shareholders and the financial community.

IR teams work across their organizations, juggling lots of complex responsibilities and activities—from developing annual reports to overseeing shareholder meetings and press conferences. Here at WebFilings, we're finding that our customers are also regularly including investor relations to author 10-Q reports in addition to 8-Ks for earning releases and earnings call transcripts.

Because of the time crunch required to draft, edit and publish/file these documents, our customers benefit from the innovative linking capability of Wdesk, which allow multiple reports to be linked to the same data workbook and all automatically updated with any changes to the master source. In addition, the "one active document" approach of Wdesk enables collaboration. That is, multiple authors/editors can work simultaneously in the same document—ensuring that all are working on the current document every time.

How to Use the 10-K to Enhance Your Investor Relations Effort

Does your company want to achieve "best-in-class" investor communications? Are you looking for ideas on why your company should integrate other investor communication tools with the 10-K (and 10-Qs)?

Then join us for this free webinar (Tuesday, January 11 at 1 pm CST) to learn how your company can leverage the contents of the 10-K to help respond to the SEC's encouragement to "tell a consistent story, both inside and outside the filings". (Meredith Cross, the SEC's director of corporation finance, in her keynote address to NIRI's 2010 annual conference)

We are honored to host guest speaker Heather Wietzel, a 25-year investor relations veteran and Principal at InsuranceIR LLC, as she shares her perspective on using the 10-K as a resource for the investor relations effort. As part of her commentary, she will highlight WebFilings ability to help reduce the time, risk, and costs associated with integrating the 10-K with other investor materials.

And during the second half of the webinar, we'll demonstrate how Wdesk linking capabilities coupled with its single document datamodel can streamline the reporting process across multiple reporting documents.

Mike Sellberg

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Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.