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Stay connected with the Wdesk Mobile app

Wdesk Mobile app helps you stay connected on the go
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Dean Ritz

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Open Data Policies and Practices
Published: December 15, 2016
Last Updated: November 20, 2020

We’ve all been there: a colleague is waiting on your quick “okay” on the latest revision, you get a late-night request for access to a secure file, or you’re the final approval on an important contract. These tasks can be completed in a couple of minutes of your time, enabling your colleague to go on her way.

But these focused tasks add up during a workday. They’re easy, but they slow you and your team down little by little if you aren’t able to stay on top of them. And a growing stack of small tasks makes you feel busy.

And what if you are on the go—on your way to or from the office, at lunch, or it’s the weekend? Without a desktop or laptop at the ready, the chain gets stuck. In order to complete the small task at hand, you must disrupt your day to find a computer, boot up, log in, and take care of it.

This problem begs the question: How do you stay connected without being disrupted?

The answer is to harness the powerful devices that we keep with us at all hours of the day. Business software in the form of lightweight apps lets you connect no matter where you go.

Legacy software systems haven’t been able to deliver satisfying mobile apps, mostly due to a number of technical limitations. As a cloud platform built in the era of smart phones, Wdesk is not constrained by the same factors.

The Wdesk mobile app has been designed with an optimized approach—connecting data with people, and people with other people—to make you more productive.

We know you don’t need every feature from the large-scale application to be available on your mobile device to increase your productivity. You need the small tasks that disrupt your day to be simplified to just a few taps.

When someone sends you a directed comment in one of your documents, they aren’t doing it to disrupt your day—you're part of the chain because you're part of the team. You should be able to see what it says on your mobile device, without going to your desktop.

With Wdesk Mobile, you can request document permissions, see a task that is coming due, and ask a question with a directed comment. Receive email and mobile app notifications for each directed comment or perhaps a daily email digest, if that’s more your style. This is the positive aspect of connection rather than the burden of responsibility.

Focus on things that are valued for the connection. The Wdesk mobile app is built for the way you work.

For more information, click here.

Or, if you're ready to get working, download it on Google Play or Apple app store.

About the Author
Dean Ritz headshot
Dean Ritz

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Open Data Policies and Practices

Dean Ritz is a subject matter expert in information modeling with over three decades of experience in various data-dominated domains, including artificial intelligence, expert systems, object-oriented programming, and most recently the modeling of financial information. As a Senior Director at Workiva, he applies his expertise to product strategy for collaborative work management and the management of the company’s expanding patent portfolio. His interests extend to the topics of rhetoric and ethics, with scholarly work in these areas published by Oxford University Press (2011, 2009, 2007), and Routledge (2017).

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