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Selecting a Disclosure Management Solution


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June 13, 2012

Over the last two years, disclosure management solutions (also referred to as built-in SEC reporting solutions) which automate and streamline the SEC reporting process, have become mainstream. There is confusion among some registrants on whether or not to consider adopting a disclosure management solution and how to differentiate various solutions.

I talked with many SEC reporting directors who undertook a diligent review process with a prioritized list of system requirements, only to realize months later that some of the highest ranked feature requirements in the evaluation phase were determined to be unimportant.

An evaluation approach, which focuses on organizational results and user experience, provides a broad perspective and protects against overemphasizing features which ultimately will have a minor impact. How does a reporting team evaluate whether a disclosure management solution is right for their company and if so, which solution they should choose based on the results and experience of peer companies? Read the full white paper to learn more about a practical approach to choosing a disclosure management solution.

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