SEC Reporting Managers, Stop Babysitting Numbers

Beware: auditors increase focus on revenue recognition
December 2, 2013
Do you find yourself spending hours reviewing your numbers in earnings releases, call scripts, and earnings presentations? Are you already compiling reports for your investor relations team in Wdesk?

If you answered yes to either of these, then we have a solution for you—the Investor Relations Solution powered by Wdesk.

Stop re-creating the wheel and babysitting your numbers. Go beyond SEC communication, and let Wdesk link your 10-Q and 10-K numbers into earnings presentations, scripts, press releases, investor presentations, and more.

With Wdesk, you can rest assured that your numbers and text are always up to date in every instance throughout all of your reports and presentations. You and your investor relations team will feel confident that the numbers are accurate throughout the entire earnings book.

Get your investor relations team on board with Wdesk. Click here to request a demonstration. Contact us today for more information.
Jay Miller

About the author

Jay Miller is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Workiva. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and management with SaaS and enterprise software companies.