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Proxy Statements Made Easy with Wdesk

SEC Reporting
Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud
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Published: September 5, 2011
Last Updated: November 20, 2020

More and more public companies are discovering what hundreds already know, that it is possible to save time and money and maintain control of their SEC reporting process using the Wdesk External Reporting Solution. What you may not know is that those same benefits can be obtained as a part of your proxy statement creation process as well.

Wdesk fully supports SEC Form Type DEF 14A, in addition to other supported Form Types, and allows companies to create, edit, manage and file their proxy statements. If you are currently using Wdesk for your external reporting, it's a breeze to link your existing financial data (including director and officer compensation information) to your proxy statements, ensuring that your numbers are always in sync across all of your reports. Even if you are not yet using Wdesk for your External reporting, using our application for your proxy statements will:

  • Eliminate complex merge and version control issues with sophisticated collaboration features that allow cross-functional teams, both large and small, to edit the proxy statement at the same time.
  • Save time with user-friendly tables and advanced linking features that simplify editing and prevent the need to re-key financial and compensation information.
  • Gain control through the use of workbooks and permissions to capture and link financial data from other areas of your business, such as HR.
  • Avoid last minute editing costs with Instant EDGARization.
  • Provide transparency throughout the drafting process with revision history and integrated commenting in a single, controlled environment that includes a complete audit trail.
  • Ensure you are prepared for future XBRL mandates. Wdesk includes easy-to-use, in-context XBRL tagging. So, you won’t have to take on change when new mandates are issued.

Streamline Your Company’s Proxy Statement Process

If you're interested in learning how the Wdesk External Reporting Solution can help reduce the time, risk, and cost associated with your proxy statements or SEC reporting process, please complete this form to request a product demonstration.

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