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Paperless and Powerful


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February 5, 2014

The future of board reporting is here

What would you say if we told you that you could be more efficient, use fewer resources, and save your company money all by making one simple change to your board reporting process?

Well, it's possible! Go paperless with Board Reporting on Wdesk.

Eliminating paper reports from your quarterly board meeting may seem impossible or even scary for members of the board. But there is nothing to worry about. Wdesk is so easy and user friendly that members of the board won't even give the new approach a second thought. Instead, they'll be thinking about all the money and trees that were saved and how that data can be incorporated into your company's sustainability report.

The powerful yet easy-to-use viewer available for the iPad, Android, and desktop platforms provides all stakeholders a flexibility they could have never imagined. Impress the board with offline access, bookmarking, and annotation capabilities. Everything that used to be done on paper can now be completed digitally. Distribution is even done in the cloud through the Books Manager.

Creating your board books doesn't have to be so hard. Embrace the powerful and collaborative features of Wdesk. You'll be amazed by all the days and dollars you shave off your board reporting process.

How will you spend your extra time and money?

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About the Author

Andy Klopstad is a Director of Product Marketing at Workiva. He has over 19 years of experience with product marketing and international business.

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