NII Holdings Relieves Pain Points with Wdesk

How one solution helped a handful of departments
January 11, 2013

The three-step process NII Holdings Inc., a Latin American telecommunications company, was using to file SEC reports was arduous. Shannon Davis, Director of External Financial Reporting, struggled with the in-house process used to create the report. She was disappointed with time, cost, and customer service associated with EDGARizing the document, and she was at the mercy of a third-party printer’s turnaround time when the report was sent out for XBRL tagging.

After viewing a live demo with her team, Davis knew that Wdesk was the solution to simplify their process.

We streamlined three separate processes into one by adopting Wdesk.

Shannon Davis, Director of External Financial Reporting, NII Holdings, Inc.

Davis was prepared for delays as NII Holdings transitioned to Wdesk for its 2011 10-K, but she was surprised with the smooth implementation.

“The transition period is easily managed between quarters,” Davis comments. Davis no longer has to worry about costly, time-consuming, last-minute changes. “The ability to push through changes in a matter of minutes is irreplaceable. My team and I believe that Wdesk is the future of financial reporting.”

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Mitz Banarjee

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