The Negative Impact of the Media

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April 1, 2013

In this four-part video blog series, Francis Quinn, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Technologies at WebFilings, shares his insights on CSR reporting following the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. In part three of this four-part series, Francis Quinn discusses the negative impact of media in its analysis of a business’s CSR performance.

In light of the global economic crisis, stakeholders and shareholders want to know the short- and long-term viability and potential growth of a company. Companies are not making a convincing case about who they are and how they operate as CSR performance only represents 5–10 percent of their annual reports. Due to the lack of information provided by companies, the media is left to form their own largely negative opinions. The Wdesk CSR Reporting Solution allows your business to tell its own story by providing an in-depth evaluation of your company’s CSR performance to both internal and external stakeholders. To learn more about the Wdesk CSR Reporting Solution, click here. Check back tomorrow to see Francis’ final video blog.

Francis Quinn

About the author

Francis Quinn is the Director of Corporate Sustainability Technologies for Workiva. Before joining Workiva, he directed sustainable development for L’Oréal in Paris.