Misconceptions with Materiality

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March 29, 2013

In this four-part video blog series, Francis Quinn, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Technologies at WebFilings, shares his insights on CSR reporting following the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. Francis discusses the perceived misconceptions of businesses due to the nature of their materiality reporting in part two of a four-part video blog series.

Businesses often lose sight of what’s important to stakeholders and how it directly impacts their business: the reason for which materiality is reported. When a business doesn’t identify an activity essential to its core values or the core values of its community, the activities are considered questionable. Businesses don’t often realize which issues have a critical impact on their operations.

The Wdesk CSR Reporting Solution will help your business identify and clearly communicate the activities pertinent to both consumers and citizens, leading to greater stakeholder interest and a transparent reflection of your business. To learn more about the CSR Reporting Solution, click here. Watch the complete video above to learn more about materiality, and look forward to two more videos from Francis next week.

Francis Quinn

About the author

Francis Quinn is the Director of Corporate Sustainability Technologies for Workiva. Before joining Workiva, he directed sustainable development for L’Oréal in Paris.