Meet the Workiva Customer Success Team

Workiva Customer Success Team

Did your blood pressure rise the last time you heard an automated voice say, “Please hold, a customer service representative will be with you soon”? By the end of the call, were you satisfied with the service provided?

For some products, calling Customer Support is a task, a chore, an ordeal. The Wdesk customer support model is the opposite of all the horror stories. Our template is based on a dedicated system of support—truly a relationship—built with our customers. Each Wdesk customer has a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and XBRL Professional Services Managers (PSMs) who are here to answer questions, ensure filings are timely and successful, and work as an extension of your reporting team.

We're not an automated voice on the phone, but real people who know that having a reporting solution in place is important, but that the support behind the solution is critical.

Watch our video to meet some of our team members and learn more.

Mike Sellberg

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Mike Sellberg
Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.