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Mapping and Organizing Mutual Fund Processes


SEC proposes tightening of mutual fund regulations
December 6, 2013
In previous posts, we have discussed how most mutual fund companies have data stored in many places within their companies. Tasks and processes are organized around getting data to and from these storage points. These spots don’t necessarily reside in company networks or in desktop computers. They can be in binders on a shelf, files in drawers, or even folders on a desk.

Most processes evolve over time and are generally shaped and organized around people, technology, and requirements. When presented this way, it sounds simple enough. However, a process and how it is organized gets much more complicated when the information needed crosses departments, business units, or affiliates. Add in disparate sources, formats, and systems, and the best-run companies can begin to bog down.

These challenges will only get more difficult as connectivity availability and requirements increase. Companies have a choice—adapt or get left behind.

Leading companies do not allow their processes to dictate the use of technology. Rather, they approach these challenges by building their processes with leading technology.

Mapping data flow is the visual depiction of a process, how it is organized, and the first step towards process improvement. It requires a detailed knowledge of the gathered data, the people who interact with it, how they interact with it, and what the desired outcome is.

Wdesk can bring together a team of subject matter experts and solution architects to map and organize your mutual fund process. These interactive meetings help identify inefficiencies, eliminate repetitive steps, and enhance data consistency. Wdesk manages disparate information sources, formats, and systems, which results in a significantly streamlined mutual fund process.

Customers who use Wdesk work with real-time numbers and text gathered from multiple areas of their companies and often from outside sources. Wdesk provides a powerful, collaborative single source of information for their mutual fund processes—from interactive charts to graphs, tables, and tagging. These Wdesk features will help you with the following:
  • Presentations and Pitchbooks 
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) 
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Compliance and Legal 
  • EDGARization 
  • XBRL 
To learn more about Wdesk, contact us to schedule a demo today.

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