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Lower Lakes Locks It Down With Wdesk

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April 18, 2013

When it comes to external reporting, Lorraine Barber, CFO of Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., and Sanjiv Shah, Controller, agree they couldn’t do it without Wdesk. The Canadian company, based in Ontario, specializes in port-to-port services between the United States and Canada. It was the need to share documents that brought them to Wdesk.

“You’ve got all these changes coming in—you’ve got photocopies of PDFs, you’ve got all these different document sources: some of it’s electronic, some of it’s manual...and you’re trying to consolidate and coordinate it,” explained Barber.

But on Wdesk these formerly arduous tasks have been streamlined. Comments from counsel are easily incorporated, and the documents can be updated from anywhere. Barber especially loves the ability to assign view only rights and use blacklines. These features give Barber peace of mind, “We know where everything stands.”

That’s not all. Since Wdesk allows you to change once, update everywhere, Barber is excited to begin embedding press releases into their reports. When there is a change in the document, it will automatically be updated in the press release, too. Unlike other service providers who only provide initial setup, WebFilings Customer Success Managers are there every step of the way, from the initial “hand-holding” all the way through the filing process.

“That implementation to go live was phenomenal,” says Barber. “With WebFilings, we’ve got this locked down.” Watch the video to hear more about how Lower Lakes Towing locked it down with Wdesk. And, schedule a demo to see the External Reporting Solution in action.

Mitz Banarjee
Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

About the Author

Mitz Banarjee is the Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Over the past 20 years, he has been heavily involved with technology companies of all sizes at an operational level driving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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