Gilead Sciences Improves Accuracy With Wdesk

Benefits of moving risk reporting to the cloud
May 10, 2013

Are you apprehensive the time constraints and deadlines mandated by the SEC take a toll on the accuracy of your reports? Gilead Sciences was.

Jaime Yuen and the Gilead Sciences reporting team realized the accuracy of their reports significantly suffered from having to meet strict filing deadlines. Fed up with the constant apprehension and their old filing method, Jaime and her team decided to see how Wdesk could help their growing and rapidly evolving sciences company make real improvements to their external reporting process.

"The opportunity ... to work remotely and file from anywhere has been extremely instrumental," Yuen said of Wdesk External Reporting Solution. Her team can not only make last-minute changes and still file on time from anywhere, but can be feel secure knowing the information is accurate.

Watch the video testimonial to learn how Jaime and her reporting team saved time and increased accuracy by switching to the External Reporting Solution powered by Wdesk.

Mitz Banarjee

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