Fund Report Development Made Easy: Linking

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August 27, 2013

Copy and pasting each cell. Finding and replacing each line. Checking and rechecking your work. Making sure that changes to data and other information are consistent across all your reports—from your prospectus to SAI—can seem like a constant struggle. And if a last-minute change comes from another team just before the reporting deadline, you’re probably going to be left scrambling.

Can you be confident that your changes have been made correctly and are reflected in every instance throughout mutual fund documents? Information inconsistencies don’t have to be an issue. The Mutual Fund Reporting Solution powered by Wdesk allows you to be confident in your numbers. Sophisticated number and text linking capabilities allow you to link all uses of common information from a single source. Make the change once at the source and see that change update everywhere in all your mutual fund documents, instantly, automatically, and correctly.

Take the stress out of last minute changes. Wdesk lets you accommodate them with ease. Linking performance data to sales, investor relations, and other documents takes the headache out of updating reports and helps keep teams informed. Most importantly, it can improve your fund reporting.

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Jay Miller

About the author

Jay Miller is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Workiva. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and management with SaaS and enterprise software companies.