Fund Report Development Made Easy: Collaboration

July 30, 2013
Does your team struggle to collaborate as you spend hours upon hours developing and organizing multiple versions of your prospectus, performance data, and other mutual fund reports? Do you struggle to keep the legal, compliance, and marketing teams up-to-date? Wdesk will help you organize reports and data into a streamlined, dynamic process. Released late last year, it immediately began helping teams get to market faster and with better results. General purpose word processors and spreadsheet software programs often burden your team with version control issues and other inefficiencies. This out-of-date and disjointed process makes collaboration an afterthought. The likelihood for errors increases as members of your team try to consolidate changes from multiple offices, fund families, and legal entities into a cohesive document. It doesn’t have to be that way. Wdesk makes it easy for cross-functional teams to work with one another on the same document at the same time, using the Wdesk single document datamodel. Here’s how the Wdesk works:
  • Fully-functional documents with integrated workbooks saves you hours once spent formatting documents, spreadsheets, tables, and other data
  • Advanced permission controls allow you to give individuals and teams access to entire documents or just specific sections of documents
  • Team comments, blacklines, and reviews are in one location, allowing for seamless review, increased collaboration, and improved understanding of the information that is being submitted to regulators and investors
  • Presentations in Wdesk. This means your presentations or RFP responses will always be up-to-date with your current data. Never worry about giving your audience outdated information or spending hours updating your presentation information every time new data needs to be entered.
Have the confidence to develop and launch new mutual fund products in less time and with greater collaboration. To learn more about Wdesk, contact us to schedule a demo today.
Jay Miller

About the author

Jay Miller is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Workiva. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and management with SaaS and enterprise software companies.