DQC validations available on Wdesk: immediately

DQC validations available on Wdesk: immediately

On Nov. 18, the Data Quality Committee (DQC) approved the first set of validation rules following the initial public comment period. These rules were effective beginning Jan. 1, 2016. Workiva is pleased to announce that all DQC validations are available within Wdesk. Filers may begin reviewing their structured data immediately.

The first set of validation rules from the DQC covers common errors in XBRL that impact data consumers. The rules identify potential errors, such as improper relationships between elements, incorrect dates, and incorrect usage of signs covering approximately 2,400 XBRL US GAAP Taxonomy concepts.

Filers can get more details on the rules and validation guidance with the following resources:

Workiva customers can log in to access these exclusive resources:

The DQC has made a tool available to the public to check XBRL filings against data quality rules. However, Workiva customers can rest assured that Wdesk incorporates all DQC approved validations and that these rules can be accessed within Wdesk without performing any extra steps.

Mike Starr

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Mike Starr, Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, joined the Workiva team in September 2012. Mike previously served as the SEC Chief Accountant's advisor with a focus on investors’ financial information needs and the role of structured data in meeting those needs. Prior to his work with the SEC, Mike served as Chief Operating Officer for Grant Thornton International Ltd., where he oversaw global strategy and public policy. He earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Oklahoma State University (OSU), and in 2010 was recognized as an OSU distinguished accounting alumnus and inducted into the School of Accounting Hall of Fame.