Davey Tree Files With the Experts

June 14, 2012
When The Davey Tree Expert Company became a WebFilings customer, they found a solution that does double duty when streamlining their quarterly filing process. Nicholas Sucic, Vice President and Controller, shares that Davey Tree Expert Company can now can EDGARrize and file their SEC report at the same time. Without a dedicated SEC filing manager, the financial team shares responsibility for all SEC filing functions. The ability to have multi-user collaboration has been a huge process improvement for this employee owned company. Listen to why Sucic recommends watching a demo and learning why Wdesk is unique, and how the External Reporting Solution has been and beneficial to the Davey Tree Expert Company's SEC reporting process.
Mike Sellberg

About the author

Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.