Customers Drive the August 2011 WebFilings Release

August 22, 2011
At WebFilings, we know that our success depends on our customers success. So when it came time to determine what we should include in our August 2011 release, we naturally focused on our customers needs. Each time a customer requests a feature or improvement, it is recorded and used to help drive our development priorities. The August 2011 release includes three of the top five, five of the top ten and ten of the top twenty most requested items. These new features enable our users to:

  • Filter the list of historical document revisions by the user that saved the revision, the document section the changes were made in, the date the revision was saved and other criteria. This functionality, combined with the added ability to view changes made to any historical revision with one click, ensures users can easily manage the detailed audit log Wdesk provides.

  • Be more confident when selecting XBRL tags thanks to the XBRL tag popularity feature, which displays the percent of companies in the same industry that are using each XBRL tag.

  • Verify all aspects of their XBRL tags directly within the solution using the new XBRL Review Mode toggle. The review mode overlays the desired XBRL attribute on top of the numbers as they are displayed within document tables.

  • Create a single PDF from multiple documents directly within the software. Users can manipulate the included documents, the order they will appear, and how they are displayed, which makes preparing documents for printing or distribution fast and easy.

  • Create several new formulas in our fully integrated spreadsheet including minimum, maximum, average and concatenate. These can be combined with our ability to output text within if/than formulas to create entire sentences that automatically update based on new numbers.

  • Format numbers linked using our industry-leading linking system as text. For example, the number “100” that is linked from its single-source and used in a paragraph of text within a document, can be formatted to display in the paragraph as “one hundred." If that number changes to “101” at the single source the linked version in the document is automatically adjusted to display “one hundred one.”

  • Display numbers in even more ways including: cents, Euros, Pounds, Yen, Canadian Dollars and nine other foreign currencies.

  • Save even more time and money thanks to over twenty other enhancements.
Current Wdesk customers can learn more about the August 2011 release by accessing the release notes page of the Wdesk help site and can watch for invitations to the release overview webinar the week of August 22.

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Mike Sellberg

About the author

Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.