Core Beliefs Drive Innovation for WebFilings

March 29, 2011
At WebFilings, we believe that financial reporting can be much easier than it is today. True financial reporting solutions should give organizations control over the entire reporting process, from beginning to end. We also believe that a software developer's job is never done. It's our job to continuously deliver new, innovative solutions that challenge the status quo and make your job easier. Lastly, and most importantly, we believe in consistently serving our customers with professionalism, persistence, and passion. These beliefs form the foundation of WebFilings culture and underpin every decision we make. I’d like to share a recent WebFilings innovation that demonstrates our conviction to these beliefs. If you use the internet today, you know that all websites experience downtime. Even the largest of companies with the highest site traffic have outages. In general, our availability has always been exceptional. Hundreds of companies have been successful with our product and shaved days, even weeks, off their current SEC reporting process. Even so, we did have to take our application offline at odd hours periodically. Occasionally, we had brief service interruptions. Even a minute of downtime is something we at WebFilings won’t accept. Our expectations and those of our customers are higher than that. About six weeks ago, we undertook an effort to take advantage of a new data storage system for Google App Engine called the High Replication Datastore, or HRD. HRD ensures even greater reliability and availability than Google App Engine alone. With it, we’re even able to keep our customers up and running smoothly during server hardware and application upgrades. The results since making the move to HRD have been fantastic! Since moving to HRD one month ago we’ve been up 100% of the time and hundreds of SEC filings have been completed. The resounding success with this move is a great example of our customer commitment. It also demonstrates how our underlying product architecture enables us to be nimble and innovate with great speed and efficiency. Our products and services are at the heart of a mission-critical process for our customers. Understanding this from the very beginning has guided our thinking and inspired innovation in business process, user interface design, availability, and security. What motivates us is creating innovation that truly makes a difference. We are working very hard to make financial reporting easier. Stay tuned for exciting new XBRL innovations from WebFilings in the coming weeks.

For more technical detail about our move to HRD see our recent post on the Google App Engine blog titled: "High Replication Datastore: A Solid Choice for Enterprise-class Applications".