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March 26, 2013

It’s no news that media coverage can directly affect a company’s success. However, recent research is suggesting that there may be a direct correlation between media opinion and trends in financial markets.

According to research by Media Tenor, U.S. media focus on S&P 500 companies influences the state of the market. Analysis of U.S. television news and The Wall Street Journal between August 2012 and January 2013 showed a very strong correlation between the tone of media coverage and the S&P 500 closing price—with the media coverage leading the closing price by approximately 15 days.

Public optimism regarding the economy has contributed to the market surge, but with negative undertones in the media, this is not predicted to last. Although consumers are gaining confidence in the economy—and its growth—this will potentially be overshadowed by the flow of negative attention surrounding S&P 500 companies as investors are influenced by both the actual successes and failures of companies and the media coverage surrounding them.

Given this situation, companies may ask what can be done to consolidate their reputation and counter negative media coverage. This can be successfully managed by quality Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

Building a quality CSR report means presenting material information that illustrates companies’ sustainability performance—in other words, their ability to adapt, grow, and succeed in a fast-changing, global marketplace. Companies need to report on material issues in order to build a case that refutes negative media portrayal and protects their business.

Wdesk provides companies with a complete CSR reporting solution to streamline and optimize their CSR report creation, production, and publishing processes. Reporting teams can collaboratively assemble, draft, and review CSR reports, while complying with regulations, reporting requirements, and best practices with ease.

CSR reports created and maintained on Wdesk can be published to multiple internal and external stakeholders confidently and securely. The single document datamodel technology delivers the only complete, fully-integrated platform dedicated to meeting your CSR reporting needs.

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Francis Quinn

About the author

Francis Quinn is the Director of Corporate Sustainability Technologies for Workiva. Before joining Workiva, he directed sustainable development for L’Oréal in Paris.