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Sometimes when you’re stuck, all you need is a little boost to figure out your next step. Since we know you’re busy and don’t have time to search the internet for the best XBRL resources, we’ve compiled them here for you.

  1. What Is Inline XBRL and How Will It Affect You?
  2. This article, written by Mike Starr, will take the mystery out of Inline XBRL. It explains what Inline XBRL is, what it means for filers, why the SEC is talking about it, and most importantly, what it means for you. If you have Inline XBRL questions, this is your number one resource.

  3. The SEC's Talons Are Out
  4. Susan Yount's commentary about the SEC's increased scrutiny of XBRL filings in 2014 will give you all the information you need to keep your company on the right path to compliance.

  5. XBRL: Risk and Responsibility
  6. A great at-a-glance resource, this one-page overview will provide information ranging from the background of XBRL, the ways you're at risk, disclosure controls and procedures, current filing status, and how you can expect XBRL to expand in the future.

  7. 2014 Taxonomy—The Final Draft Is Released
  8. After the final draft of the 2014 Taxonomy was released, Susan Yount took the time to explain the big changes, what effect they'll have on you, and what changes may be on the horizon. If you need a quick read about the 2014 Taxonomy, this is your guide.

  9. U.S. GAAP Taxonomy Implementation and Style Guides
  10. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has provided a help page on its website to supply you with extra information about the U.S. GAAP Taxonomy as well as some handy guides to get you through the creation and filing of your XBRL documents. The guides range from Disposal Groups and Discontinued Operations to Segment Reporting, Notional Amount Disclosures, and Other Comprehensive Income, as well as Definition Components and Structure Style Guide. If you are looking for a comprehensive resource, this is the place to go.

  11. Regulatory Trends: XBRL, Leases, and Disclosure Overload
  12. Our XBRL experts Mike Starr and Susan Yount teamed up to create this business brief. They answered some of the most common questions regarding XBRL and discussed pressure on the commission, the new leasing standard, the SEC's take on disclosure overload, and how all of this will impact you.

  13. SEC Filing Calendar
  14. The most important dates you need to know. Print out this pretty PDF for quick reference.

We hope these resources will make your filing go as smoothly as it did for Wdesk customer Brian Moiles.

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