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The Board Is Waiting—Is Your Report Ready?

Board Reporting
Board Reporting Template on the Workiva Marketplace
3 min read
Dominick Fatibene
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager
Published: October 12, 2021
Last Updated: November 7, 2023

A boardroom is a sacred place. 

It's where the big decisions happen.

It’s where discussions that drive your firm's financial future take place. How should we spend precious company funds? Which product will peak next season? Which global forecast will make or break critical sales targets?

Organizations can empower their boards with modern reporting tools that support decision-making and collaboration. But if you’re still using disparate tools and traditional office software to develop board reports, it might be time to upgrade. 

5 Best Practices of Board Reporting

Let's face it, much like all other business processes, board reporting is overdue for digital disruption. For example, a data-connected board report can enhance meeting effectiveness by reducing preparation from hours to minutes, all while keeping trust in the data in lockstep with change. 

One of the best ways to build a solid foundation for your organization's board management is our newly available board reporting template.

To thrive amidst the disruption in our modern era and move quickly on competitive advantages, the board of directors must expand their roles beyond governance. Directors require a more thorough understanding of the company's risks, opportunities, and company culture to act in the best interest of the strategic vision. 

Bringing all that disparate data together in a clear, accurate, and repeatable way used to be a complex proposition.

Exchanging information from across the organization with enterprise-grade security is a core function of the Workiva platform. Each permission level—owner, editor, or viewer—gives collaborators a certain amount of access to edit or interact with your board report. These advanced permissions and added layers of protection enable greater collaboration between your board members and your senior leadership team. Within the Workiva platform, there's also transparency into data changes, which are tracked using the audit trail and linkage features. You know where the data comes from, how it's changed, and who was involved. This is critical to building trust in the boardroom and forging stronger relationships between directors—and between directors and the executive team. 

This board reporting template on the Workiva Marketplace contains slide examples for the information-rich, easy-to-read reports that your management team and board crave. Also included are best practices for using Workiva connected charts and narrative to represent company performance and highlight your recommendations visually.

Save this template and get a jumpstart on developing professional, best-in-class presentations that can help streamline communication and collaboration—no matter where your business needs to evolve.

About the Author
Dominick Fatibene
Dominick Fatibene

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

Dominick Fatibene is a financial transformation advocate who works with controllership and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) organizations to identify and support simplified internal financial reporting approaches that reduce risk and drive efficiency. Dominick spent seven years at General Electric, holding various positions across finance, including operational finance, global and operational controllership, internal audit, and corporate FP&A. Dominick has been involved in all aspects of finance, including entity and segment accounting, consolidation, strategic planning, earnings, investor, and board reporting. Dominick was a member of GE’s prestigious leadership programs, including the financial management program and corporate audit staff.

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