Applause for the WebFilings Revolution

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April 14, 2010

When we started WebFilings, our goal was simple: to revolutionize the SEC reporting process.

I'm proud to report that we've met our goal with the recent launch of our end-to-end, web-based WebFilings SEC Reporting Solution integrated around one active document.

Our product resolves all the SEC filing “pain points” we heard about from SEC filing professionals, makes the document development and filing process seamless, and continuously handles EDGAR HTML conversion and XBRL tagging. As we prepared to launch the product, we knew we had a very strong product.

But just how revolutionary became clear to me when I presented it to more than 50 companies around the country over the past few months. Demonstrations started with skepticism and ended with excitement as attendees grasped how our integrated, cloud-based system would streamline their process. At a recent event we had just 20 minutes to present WebFilings to a group of companies. The audience was so engaged, our demo stretched to well over an hour.

Afterward, we received a round of applause.

That's a reaction I've never experienced in a sales context. The outstanding response we're getting reinforces what we already know: WebFilings is indeed "a revolution in SEC reporting.” Want to know more? Contact us.

Mike Sellberg

About the author

Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.