American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16

American Equity makes it to the Sweet (Section) 16
March 26, 2015

Is the shot clock winding down on your Section 16 process? When you're already facing a full-court press, you don’t have time to mess around with software programs that make your job harder.

Steve Harms, Assistant Vice President of Accounting Research at American Equity, found himself struggling with the SEC’s Section 16 software, and knew he had to make a change. “You couldn’t save drafts. You’d get timed out. It just wasn’t user-friendly,” says Harms.

He was so eager for an innovative approach that a week before Harms’ team was supposed to file, he asked Workiva if he could start using Wdesk Section 16 before it had officially launched. Ever since, Harms has provided feedback that continues to make the solution better than before.

Wdesk Section 16 was a slam dunk for American Equity—saving time and eliminating frustration during the reporting process. Instead of the process taking hours, "I can get Section 16 reports drafted in a matter of minutes," says Harms.

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