7 reasons to attend TEC 2015

Just released: photos from The Exchange Community 2015
October 28, 2014
Combine the fun of Orlando, industry experts, CPE, and the best customers, and you'll get the most exciting conference around. Don't take our word for it—hear what a few of our customers had to say about The Exchange Community 2014.

I liked being able to talk to the designers and seeing the possibilities that can be created. It is great seeing how excited everyone, both customer and employee, is about the possibilities it holds.

I really enjoyed the fact that Workiva was actively listening to its customers and came up with mock-ups of solutions literally overnight.

I heard someone say that the conference "had a pulse." I agree. The Workiva employees had so much energy. I really felt like everyone there truly cared about my work and success.

You all do a great job of making the conference so fun, while still getting a valuable work-related experience—with CPE that is actually useful.

Everything was so well planned. I don't think anything was missed. I appreciate the thought and attention to detail that went into planning the conference, the high energy and excitement of the Workiva employees, the decorations, learning centers, breakout sessions, mobile app, top-notch speakers (loved Moira)—I loved it all. I can't wait until next year!

I liked getting CPE for topics that are applicable to my everyday work. The Workiva employees and presenters were all very knowledgeable.

The conference was AMAZING! We can't get over how well organized and smooth running it was.

We've already started planning The Exchange Community 2015. Check back often to stay up to date.
Mike Sellberg

About the author

Mike Sellberg is Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Workiva. He is the former EVP and CTO at iMed Studios and the former Divisional General Manager at Engineering Animation, Inc.